Vulnerability Management Service (VMS)

A detection security solution that stops attackers

Umniah Vulnerability Management Service (VMS) is a detection security solution that stops attackers from exploiting vulnerabilities in your IT system to utilize unauthorized access to your private data by scanning and reporting vulnerabilities for immediate remediation.

VMS scans three different segments of an IT system (application, OS and network), which provides you with detailed reports about potential threats regardless of their severity. Furthermore, the service gives you the means to identify your network’s underlying vulnerabilities, suggesting solutions and measures you can take to avoid future threats. Moreover, the service comes with a full array of customizable tools, allowing users to select which areas need to be scanned and when in order to save both time and effort.

As with other security services by Umniah, VMS also includes full management and technical supportoperation from Umniah Security Operation Center (SOC) and by high caliber experts, that in order towill help clients address any potential and existing threats.

  • Robust Scanning

Remain apprised of known and emerging security threats and correlatefind out the vulnerabilities them to take the necessary security measures.

  • Made to Detect

VMS scans your IT systems on both public and local networks in order to detect and expose vulnerabilities before they result in security compromises.

  • Schedule Your Scans

With VMS, you can make a year-long schedule for routine scanning, which can be amended at any time.

  • Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant

Through its our agreement with IBM, the service can serve as an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) to check the compliant compliance with PCI standards.

  • Scan on Demand & Guided Remediation

Dynamic and comprehensive lifecycle reports bring detected network threats to your attention and outline the best possible course of action.

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