The Code of Conduct for customer satisfaction is a reflection of Umniah’s commitment to our customers and willingness to provide exemplary support in order to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

Having Customer Code of Conduct will assist us in:

  • Deploying effective customer service processes.
  • Build and maintain customer loyalty through positive customer service experiences.
  • Increase Customer retention.
  • Increase service efficiency.
  • Reduce complaints and complaints handling associated costs.
  • Improve compliance with local laws and regulations.
  • Improve service and accountability.

Our Code of Conduct for Customer Satisfaction is prepared using ISO 10001:2018 Quality Management – Customer Satisfaction- Guidelines for codes of conduct for organizations.


The Code of Customer Satisfaction applies to all Umniah employees and used as a practical guide to deliver the best customer service.


  • Complaint: A request that is raised by a Customer in order to inform Umniah of any problem/situation that is related to any of its services.
  • Umniah Mobile Company: a private shareholding company licensed as a mobile telecom operator, that offers public telecommunication services in Jordan, hereunder referred to as the Company
  • Customer (s): The normal or moral person, or his authorized signatory person who shows an interest in Umniah services according to the conditions and policies that are related to the service or the person who has signed a contract with Umniah to benefit from that service.
  • Service (s): Any telecommunications service that is provided and/or will be provided by Umniah in accordance with the provisions of the license that is provided by Telecommunications Regulatory Commission under the acts of the telecommunications law and its regulations and instructions.
  • Website: Umniah’s website www.umniah.com
  • The Application: Software that is designed to be used on smart phones and tablets, aiming to provide Umniah’s Customers with the information of the service that they are subscribed to.

Our Commitment to Customers

Umniah is committed to provide high quality Services and delivering high standards of Customer Service, in addition to the full commitment towards the International Quality Standards and the requirements that are mentioned in ISO 9001, ISO 10001, ISO 10002, ISO 45001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301.

When dealing with Customers, Umniah is committed to:

  • Act in a fair, reasonable, and responsible manner in all dealings with Customers.
  • Ensure that all Services are and products meet the specifications relevant to laws and regulations.
  • Display the optimal courtesy and care when dealing with Customers.
  • Provide customers with guidance and information regarding their Services and offers.
  • Respond effectively to Customers’ complaints and use the feedback to continually improve its services.
    Respect confidentiality.

Our Services

  • Postpaid Lines Service:
  • Prepaid Lines Service
  • Directory Service
  • EVO 3G and 4G Internet Service for Personal Use
  • Fixed LTE Internet Service for Home Use
  • Umniah Fiber Service
  • Vehicles Tracking Service UTRACK
  • Security Service USECURE
  • Business Bundles.

Customer rights

We aim to ensure that the terms and conditions mentioned within our contracts are clearly communicated to our customers at all point of sales. We always provide customers with a copy of all contractual documentation that they have signed at the time of sale. Additionally we maintain a database of customer information, and we comply with all aspects of the data protection act.

Suggestions and Complaints

Umniah’s Customers have the right to raise a complaint when they are confronted with any problem/issue that is related to any of Umniah’s Services or if they have a suggestion(s) that is related to improving and developing the provided Services. This complaint/suggestion can be raised using the below methods:

  • Customer Service Center: By calling one of the customer service agents by dialing (1333) On-net and 0788001333)) off-net and/or any number that could be developed in the future by the Company. The Customer has the right to contact the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission by dialing the number (117000) Free of Charge.
  • Umniah Retail Shops:By visiting any of our shops or franchises and submitting/filling a complaint form or the suggestion form or by asking the concerned shop representative to help in submitting/filling it based on the nature of the complaint
  • Umniah website www.umniah.com.
  • Umniah App: available on Google Play for Android and IOS.
  • Any other method that could be developed in the future by Umniah.

The procedures of submitting and dealing with complaints

All complaints will be processed through the approved form that is prepared for this purpose; the Company receives the complaints through any of the previous mentioned methods in clause (7). The call center agent and/or shop representative will investigate the complaint and work on solving it if this is possible. In the event that the employee could not solve the problem directly, he/she shall send it to the technical support Section, who will investigate the complaint and work to resolve it according to predefined procedures.

Umniah will take the reasonable and technically available actions to solve any of the received Complaints within the form and the confirmed action for this purpose. In case the problem/affair has not been solved by Umniah or if the Customer is not satisfied with the proposed response, then; the Customer has the right to revert to the Telecommunication Regulatory Commission, for solving any disputes that are related to the Service level and/or for any disagreement or conflict that is related to any of the Subscription Contract terms and conditions, except that any conflict, which is related to any financial issue or any due or payable amount of cash, shall be excluded.

In addition, the Customer has the right to revert to the specialized courts in order to solve any disagreement/conflict.

The Customer shall be able to know the submitted Complaint’ status in addition to the expected period of time to solve the problem through entering the Complaint’s number in its correct place in Umniah Website or Umniah Application, this number is sent by Umniah through a text SMS to the Customer once the problem has been reported by using any of the previous methods.

In the case that we could not solve the problem, the Customer will be informed either phone call or text SMS. An alternative solution will be provided to the Customer equal to the service type, subscription duration, value, and capacity, which is equal to the capacity of the service subscription the customer has complained about that could not be solved, or by receiving proper compensation.