Local and Global MPLS

This premier service makes a world of difference for Umniahs’ customers

Umniah’s domestic and global MPLS gives you the liberty to connect all your national and international branches to your headquarters securely and reliably. We cater to all of your IP network’s features and applications, whether voice, video or data. This premier service makes a world of difference for Umniahs’ customers, giving them the chance to build a virtual private network that acts like an extension of their LAN network.

Service Features:

  • It Can Be As Fast As You Want

Our bandwidth ranges from 2 Mbps up to 1 Gbps, ensuring a service plan that meets the exact criteria of your corporate needs. Umniah’s symmetric connections give you the advantage of equal uplink and downlink speeds, with no limits on capacity.

  • Security and Reliability

In addition to providing high levels of security for your traffic, Umniah takes the extra mile to help encrypt your data to maintain the highest and most trustworthy levels of connection.

  • Choose According to Preference

All methods lead to quality MPLS powered exclusively for your premises. Choose from either fiber optics, microwave connections or LTE.

  • Flexible Setup Options

When tailoring a network for your company, Umniah has taken into consideration everything your business need to operate effectively. Therefore, Umniah’s interconnection model offers you Layer-2 and Layer-3 VLAN configurations.

Service Benefits:

  • Premium Quality Connection

Our quality of service (QoS) capabilities maximize your branch’s connection speeds, giving you a smooth and consistent voice, video and data feeds that will not affect the performance of other applications.

  • We’re Always nearby

Umniah’s transmission network and its abundant number of local MPLS nodes allow you to seamlessly link all your branches at minimal costs with superb connections.

  • Direct Expert Support

Technical engineers who manage the IP network will directly solve or guide you through any difficulties that may arise 24/7.

  • Scalability and Flexibility

Umniah’s “pay as you grow” motto is the reason we give flexible MPLS solutions. You can add sites according to the demands of your business and easily add new applications to your network to meet your growing company’s needs.

How to get it:

To inquire about this service, please call us on 0780780780 or email us at corporate@umniah.com 

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