Zaid Al-Ibrahim Appointed as Umniah’s Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), Lara Khateeb Named Chief Legal, Regulatory & Government Affairs Officer

The Promotion of Zaid Al-Ibrahim and Lara Khateeb

November 13, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah has announced the appointment of Zaid Al-Ibrahim as Chief Commercial Officer and Lara Khateeb as Chief Legal, Regulatory & Government Affairs Officer, a move that underlines their tireless efforts and considerable achievements during their tenure at the company.


With her promotion, Khateeb becomes the first woman at Umniah to occupy this senior position, highlighting the company’s consistent efforts to pave the way for greater gender equality by empowering women and creating a work environment that encourages them to take leadership roles.


Throughout his career, Al-Ibrahim has specialized in sales and marketing, with more than 20 years of experience in the telecommunications sector. He also has focused on customer experience strategies utilizing the latest and most cutting-edge technologies to analyze global trends in order to manage and digitalize day-to-day operations. Al-Ibrahim headed Umniah’s Marketing Department since 2015, working to increase and expand the company’s business by developing and implementing strategies that improve sales channels and create sustainable competitive advantages. He also focused on managing the company’s consumer marketing action plan with the goal of developing marketing, brand goals and strategies for all products and potential customers.


Khateeb has been a legal advisor at Umniah since 2005, going on to become the director of Legal Affairs and a pivotal member of the company's core legal team in less than five years. In 2016, she was appointed to lead the Regulatory and Government Relations team, as well as head the company's internal legal team.


Khateeb has significant record of accomplishments in strategic thinking and has been a key member of the negotiating committees for Umniah’s diverse mega projects, including the establishment of the first company of its kind in the Middle East to provide a new telecommunications infrastructure through a fiber-optic network and selling it wholesale, as well as the project to establish a renewable energy station. She has also been a senior legal advisor to the CEO, has served on several corporate boards and has been part of the company’s investigation, governance and internal audit committees.