UWallet Operates with the Updated Version of the JoMoPay - system with New Services and Features for Customers

UWallet and Cliq

December 21, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: UWallet, the leading electronic financial services wallet, announced that it has started operating with the updated version of the JoMoPay system. This version enables customers and users to benefit from a number of new services and features. The major feature is enabling the customer to instantly transfer money between electronic wallets and bank accounts from participating banks in the CliQ instant payment system.


UWallet will expand its range of services to include enabling customers to send and receive funds between banks and e-wallets through a wallet number, alias, an IBAN number, in addition to managing two accounts simultaneously with UWallet through the same application interface.


UWallet users can select a primary account (the account the user will use to log in through the application), create another wallet using the same mobile number with other payment providers and banks, and set the default UWallet account to receive payments and transfers from either banks or payment service providers.


For Jordanian users, the registration process will become more efficient and convenient, and their personal information will be automatically filled in using their civil ID. Users will also be able to transfer funds between primary and secondary accounts and make payments around the clock within seconds at a high level of privacy and can verify beneficiary data before completing the transfer. To increase security levels, the user will be able to confirm receiving a transfer.


The beneficiary can also send a request to return the payment from another beneficiary so that the latter transfers the payment through the application if he/she accepts the request.


Speaking about the launch, UWallet CEO Dr. Ala’a Ensheiwat said, "We are pleased to start operating with the updated system from JoMoPay, which was launched by the Jordanian Company for Payment and Clearing Systems, helping us provide UWallet’s customers with additional benefits and outstanding services." Dr. Ensheiwat confirmed that the upgraded version of JoMoPay will enhance the efficiency of Jordan’s financial systems by accelerating retail payments and the flow of funds between the accounts of senders and receivers as well as reduce the current dependence on cash transactions by providing a suitable and accessible alternative. This, in turn, increases the movement of funds in the Jordanian market and decreases the pressure on liquidity.


With UWallet, individual and companies can make immediate payments, transfer funds and make purchases easily and safely. Looking forward, UWallet will be launching an easy-to-use and safe wearable contactless bracelet for payments, which will be beneficial for students as it allows parents to monitor their children’s spending and control their daily expenses. Additionally, the company launched the highly secure digital and debit cards in partnership with MasterCard that allow fund transfers within a few seconds both locally and internationally.