UWallet Launches International Money Transfer Service Through its Application

February 25, 2022 – Amman, Jordan: UWallet, the innovative payment service provider, has announced the launch of the International Money Transfer (IMT) service, a move that is in line with its strategy to continuously expand the services it offers its clients.


Through the new service, UWallet clients can send and receive money from all around the world through the application easily, efficiently and securely.


UWallet customers, whether Jordanian or residents of Jordan, can send and receive transfers from abroad by logging into the app, choosing transfers, international transfers (IMT) service from the menu, selecting the transfer method and entering the reference number to receive the money or the recipient’s information and transfer details to send money. Through UWallet, the transfer process becomes easier with less time and effort for the user.


Speaking about the new service, UWallet CEO Dr. Alaa Ensheiwat said, “The launch of the international money transfer service is consistent with UWallet’s strategy of developing and expanding the innovative digital payment services offered to clients in a way that meets their unique needs efficiently and effectively while simultaneously conforming to the highest international standards of security and reliability.”


Dr. Ensheiwat went on to add that UWallet continues to provide cutting-edge financial and digital services that heighten the experiences of its customers. The platform also offers users the ability to manage their financial transactions through their mobile phones, safely, efficiently, and rapidly, allowing them to make immediate payments, transfer funds and make purchases easily and safely through advanced solutions that limit the need to deal with cash and reduce the risk of theft and loss.