UWallet Kicks Off the Win with UWallet Campaign


March 30, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: UWallet, the leading provider of integrated financial solutions, has kicked off its ‘Win with UWallet’ campaign, a move that is in line with its continued efforts to offer its subscribers the most cutting-edge solutions while simultaneously furthering the cause of financial inclusion in the country.


The campaign, which will run between March 2021 and June 2021 was launched on UWallet's social media pages, offers the chance to win a Samsung Galaxy S21+ Ultra mobile or a Galaxy Watch Active 2 at the end of each month.


Speaking about the launch, UWallet’s Marketing Coordinator AlBatool Al Fayez said that the campaign aims at reaching out to new customers to introduce them to the service’s innovative solutions, which help them conduct financial transactions quickly, efficiently, and safely while simultaneously increasing financial inclusion rates in the Kingdom.


According to Al Fayez, since the onset of the exceptional circumstances brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, the service has enjoyed a remarkable increase in its customer base due to its safety benefits, its high efficiency levels, as well its access to those who are unable to use traditional banking channels.


Al-Fayez also highlighted the significant advantages offered by UWallet; can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store and accessed through facial recognition or thumbprint identification. The application allows for the seamless transfer of funds and has useful options that allow users to save their most accessed payment receivers. Umniah Smart lines, as well as all the company’s prepaid lines, can be charged via UWallet, and bills can be paid and stored through the eFAWATEERcom service.


Additionally, the application allows its users to withdraw cash from ATMs and from the authorized agents without the need for a card, depositing the funds directly from the user’s bank account into their UWallet.