UWallet introduces e-voucher services on its platform


Amman 26 July - 2021 In an effort to deliver an even better customer experience, the mobile payment platform UWallet has announced that it will begin providing e-voucher sales through its app, with support for more than 86 global brands, including iTunes, Google Play, PlayStation Network, Amazon USA, and many others.


Vouchers of various denominations can now be purchased directly from the UWallet app at highly competitive rates, opening up a wealth of possibilities for customers seeking to access more music, games, and communication services from major worldwide providers. Umniah’s Product Development Manager Qais Al-Twal noted that the introduction of e-vouchers comes as part of UWallet’s continued efforts to leverage cutting edge technologies to meet the evolving needs of existing and potential users.


Since its launch in the Jordanian market, UWallet has continually worked to accelerate Jordan’s transition to an all-digital economy by offering a secure, adaptable, and ever-growing platform for instant mobile payments. This has significantly reduced the need for users to resort to cash and in turn reduced risks of theft, loss, or — in light of the COVID-19 pandemic — transmission of disease. The app has also benefitted various unbanked segments of the Jordanian population, thus helping to address one of the key challenges impeding economic equality.