Umniah Volunteers Make Pizza with the Children of SOS Villages Amman

متطوعو أمنية يصنعون البيتزا مع أطفال قرى SOS في عمّان

October 24, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: In a move that is directly in line with its corporate social responsibility strategy, Umniah organized a day of volunteering at SOS Children's Villages in Amman. The pizza preparation and baking event, which falls under the auspices of Umniah Al-Khair’s UVolunteer program, took place in partnership with the Princess Taghrid Institute through the Nahno platform, the National Youth Engagement and Volunteering Program that was launched between Naua and UNICEF in partnership with the Crown Prince Foundation and in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth.


At the event, volunteers from both Umniah and the Princess Taghrid Institute worked hand in hand with SOS Children's Villages mothers to prepare the basic ingredients needed for the pizzas ahead of time, and in turn worked with the children to bake their pies at their own homes.


Speaking about the event, Umniah Director of Communications, Wajeeha Al-Husseini said, “Today’s volunteer day at SOS Children’s Villages is a vital part of Umniah’s volunteer work program and an essential pillar of our corporate social responsibility strategy. The event was able to achieve a number of goals simultaneously: putting smiles on the faces of SOS Villages children, actively contributing to the communities in which we operate as well as inspiring our employees to be active and productive members of society.” Al-Husseini went on to stress the importance of voluntary and philanthropic work, which is in line with Umniah’s vision and goals, adding that active citizenship and social participation benefit societies and their members alike.


SOS Children’s Villages Jordan National Director Rana Al-Zoubi praised the initiative by Umniah volunteers, saying, “Umniah’s latest initiative is one of many, each consistently working to fulfil an effective national and humanitarian role, and it is one that we are proud to partner with. Through such initiatives, we create a supportive environment for the children of SOS Villages, ultimately moving further towards achieving our organization’s mission.” Al-Zoubi went on to add that initiatives such as the one by Umniah allow the village’s children to better integrate into their societies, increasing their self-confidence and offering them skills that will turn them into active and contributing members of their communities.


The Umniah Al Khair program is the company’s main corporate social responsibility driver, launching philanthropic programs that support numerous community and development initiatives throughout the year.