Umniah Supports Promise Welfare Society Conference "Think of Others, Leave an Impact"

Umniah Supports Promise Welfare Society Conference "Think of Others, Leave an Impact" September xx, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah has announced its support of the 14th Youth Conference held by the Promise Welfare Society (PWS) that took place between 15th & 16th of September at the Challenges Village in the King of Bahrain Forest. Held under the slogan "Think of Others, Leave an Impact," the company’s support of the initiative is in line with its strategy to reinforce positive behavior and values in Jordanian society and contribute to building a generation that rises up to meet future challenges. The objectives of the conference, which was held under the patronage of The Society President HRH Princess Alia Tabbaa and saw the participation of students from both private and public school, are directly aligned with Umniah's principles to support, encourage and develop positive social values among all Jordanians, with a particular emphasis on students. At the initiative, a team from Umniah's business innovation center The Tank delivered an interactive lecture to participants about the role of youth in entrepreneurship and creativity. Razan Khilfeh, Umniah's ambassador for education, also attended and gave a lecture about her experiences in effecting change in the lives of students as part of her Razan Caravan initiative. At the closing ceremony, HRH Princess Alia Tabbaa honored Umniah by praising the role of companies in supporting societal activities. At the ceremony, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara praised the exceptional efforts undertaken by the Promise Welfare Society (PWS), which is headed by HRH Princess Alia and a group of Jordanian volunteer women. The society works to effect positive changes in the lives of individuals and families through the provision of humanitarian services for less fortunate families, as well as supporting children to obtain university educations. Shatara said, "Our support of the Promise Welfare Society (PWS) conference today is in line with our mission to reinforce and encourage positive values in society. Umniah sees itself as a true and effective partner in the communities in which it operates, and the company works to reinforce these partnerships by wholeheartedly supporting conferences and initiatives that strengthen and encourages positive behavior and values." He added that the Promise Welfare Society (PWS) conference is an outstanding example of the exceptional initiatives supported by Umniah. Promise Welfare Society (PWS) Director Azmi Shaheen praised Umniah's efforts in working to achieve sustainable societal development, saying, "Umniah, a pioneering company in the local communications market, has succeeded in leaving clear and exceptional imprints through its work on social issues by launching outstanding and quality initiatives and supporting targeted conferences and seminars such as this one." Shaheen went on to add, "The 14th Student Conference is born from the Society’s conviction in the importance and role of students today, seeing them as builders of the future and a basic foundation for the advancement of the homeland. Through this conference, we strive to enrich their living skills, build their capacities and prepare them for the future by reinforcing and supporting positive social values such a group and volunteer work, respect of others, among others." Promise Welfare Society’s 14th Annual Conference aimed at instilling and developing the concept of effective citizenship and refining leadership skills among youth, through reinforcing communication skills with counterparts and teams, building the societal identity, and holding workshops that interpret the practical meaning of the conference slogan: "Think of Others, Leave an Impact," in addition to deep-rooting the concepts of voluntary work and serving society among students, and reinforcing the concept of societal intelligence among them on the ground. - End-