Umniah Supports Al Hassad School’s Sixth E-Learning Conference as a Diamond Sponsor

Umniah Supports Al Hassad School’s Sixth E-Learning Conference as a Diamond Sponsor Amman, 30 April 2019 Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, announced its diamond sponsorship of the sixth e-learning conference organized by the Al Hassad School, entitled "Artificial Intelligence and its Applications in the Educational Learning Process - Smart Solutions and Future Challenges", in the presence of Minister of Information and Communications Technology Mothanna Gharaibeh, as well as a number of e-learning and Artificial Intelligence enthusiasts. Umniah’s sponsorship of the annual conference is in line with its pioneering role in the provision of cyber security services in the Jordanian market, whose business solutions contribute to the support and development of its clients from both the public and private sectors. Umniah's Commercial Enterprise and Home Broadband Director, Mahmoud Abu Zannad, praised Al Hassad School’s efforts and its continuous efforts in organizing conferences that focus on the technological revolution and its unlimited potential to benefit science and education, pointing out that the conferences and specialized workshops on these topics highlight the improvement of educational institutions’ education and learning processes. Abu Zannad added: "Today's Artificial Intelligence has become an integral part of electronic systems, and its effects have impacted every aspect of everyday life. In recent years, Umniah has focused on supporting future innovation, intelligent solutions, and IP-based business solutions for the education sector. We have further launched the “Managed Wi-Fi” and “Smart Bus” services to the Jordanian market." He further noted that these solutions are cost-effective and provide an advanced infrastructure that allows for improved administrative and educational processes. Abu Zannad explained that the ICT solutions that depend on the Internet protocols provided by Umniah constitute a fundamental pillar in the development of different sectors, including the education sector, which positively affects the efficiency of the educational process. He further elaborated on Umniah’s implementation of the largest Interconnection project, in the history of the Kingdom, in cooperation with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), in addition to the success of the first Internet of Things "IOT” trial to connect electricity meters.