Umniah sponsors virtual symposium organized by the Jordan Strategy Forum

Amman, 14 May 2020 Umniah has announced its sponsorship of a virtual symposium organized by the Jordan Strategy Forum, during which the Jordanian Prime Minister, Dr. Omar Razzaz, tackled the kingdom’s national strategy to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic and the delicate balance such a response requires between and public health priorities and economic considerations. The interactive discussion was also joined by Umniah’s CEO, Ziad Shatara, in addition to a number of representatives from both public and private sectors, entrepreneurs, and others with an interest in economics. During the session led by the CEO of the Jordan Strategy Forum, Dr. Ibrahim Saif, the Prime Minister reviewed the three phases of Jordan’s COVID-19 response — immediate response, adjustment, and recovery and resilience — and the criticality of each stage of the process to the long-term safety of the public and the overall resilience of the country. Umniah’s CEO Ziad Shatara commended the efforts of the government to safeguard public health while minimizing the potential damage to the economy and other core institutions, underscoring Umniah’s commitment to supporting the government and all relevant agencies in their unwavering and steadfast efforts. Shatara also stressed the importance of rigidly adhering to the instructions of the government and all relevant authorities in this regard, who have continually demonstrated an impressive degree of accuracy in predicting, tracing and controlling community transmissions in spite of numerous challenges — a feat that has proven a decisive struggle even to nations with significantly higher resources. Shatara also underscored the inevitable changes this pandemic has and will continue to impose for the long-term, noting that Jordan’s various institutions will have to evolve to adapt to these changes in order to safeguard the economy and mitigate the worst impacts of the pandemic. In addition to emphasizing his pride at sponsoring the constructive symposium organized by the Jordan Strategy Forum, Shatara also underscored Umniah’s commitment to maintaining the delivery of its services throughout this crisis, adding: “Despite the extenuating circumstances that Jordan and the rest of the world continue to experience, Umniah has spared no effort to maintain the delivery of quality and reliable voice and data services to communities nationwide, which has been crucial to the continuity of operations across multiple business sectors and in the lives of citizens throughout the kingdom.” It is worth noting that Umniah provided connectivity and support services to the kingdom’s “Darsak” e-learning platform without incurring any charges to customers. The company also doubled the data capacities offered to mobile subscribers and made donations amounting to JOD 160,000 to support the kingdom’s COVID-19 response, including contributions to help the Naua platform support 2,500-daily workers impacted by movement restrictions. Umniah also provided 3,000 voice and data subscriptions to Jordanian students currently undergoing repatriation, all of whom are undergoing mandatory quarantines at various hotels nationwide. END