Umniah Sponsors 5 Public Schools in Zarqa and Irbid Governorates

As part of Royal Health Awareness Society’s Healthy Schools Program Implemented in Cooperation with Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health Umniah Sponsors 5 Public Schools in Zarqa and Irbid Governorates Amman, Jordan, 19 January 2020: As part of its ongoing efforts to support the education sector and improve the health environment of school students, Umniah has announced its sponsorship of 5 public schools in Zarqa and Irbid governorates, to help them implement the Healthy Schools program, one the Royal Health Awareness Society’s most important programs. This announcement was made during a press conference held by Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara, at the Hashemite Mixed Secondary School for Girls in Zarqa governorate, in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Al-Masaafa, Director of General Education at the Ministry of Education, Hanin Odeh, Director General of the Royal Health Awareness Society, and Ahmed Al-Zoubi, CEO of the Naua platform, one of the Crown Prince Foundation’s initiatives, in addition to a number of senior officials from all parties. Launched by the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) in 2008, the Healthy Schools program is the result of joint cooperation between the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education. The program aims to create health-promoting environments within Jordanian schools that encourage students to adopt healthy practices and habits which reflect positively on their overall physical, social, and academic growth. The program focuses on health awareness about public health and other preventive health topics, such as personal hygiene, oral and dental hygiene, physical activity, the importance of proper nutrition, and drug and smoking prevention. The health standards covered by the program are divided into various areas: Management and Leadership, Safe School Environment, Clean and Healthy School Environment, Staff and Community Participation, Health Services to Students and Staff, Social and Psychological Support, Nutrition and Cafeterias, Physical Activity, and Swimming Pools. “The Healthy Schools program is at the forefront of our interests at Umniah, and we are sponsoring the participation of 5 public schools in Zarqa and Irbid governorates in this program, for the next 5 years. The goals of this program and our goals are very much aligned in creating an educated and aware generation with high quality mental and health competences, which will reflect positively on the development and growth of the society in the future,” said Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara. “During the past few years, Umniah has been heavily involved in supporting the education sector and helping it reach the highest levels of competence, as the company is convinced that good education is the basis for good health and well-being, pointing out that sponsoring these schools falls within the company’s CSR strategy which places education, health and preventive awareness at the top of its priorities,” Shatara added. Shatara, who expressed Umniah’s appreciation for the efforts made by the Royal Health Awareness Society to create a safer and healthier learning environment for school students, stressed the company’s desire to contribute to these efforts in order to improve Jordan’s position in various fields. Dr. Ahmed Al-Masaafa, Director of General Education at the Ministry of Education, praised the role of Umniah in supporting the education sector, noting several projects which the company supports in order to advance the education sector in Jordan. Al-Masaafa commended the importance of the Healthy Schools program, which has a direct positive impact on students by encouraging them to respect their environment and help build a better society. He also applauded the role of the Royal Health Awareness Society in investing time and effort to serve Jordanian schools by promoting a health culture among teachers and students, contributing to creating a safe and healthy environment that positively reflects on the outcomes of the educational process in a way that achieves the vision and mission of the Ministry of Education. Hanin Odeh, Director General of the Royal Health Awareness Society, expressed her pride in this partnership with Umniah, pointing out that the partnership will contribute to supporting the Society’s plans to expand the base of beneficiaries of the Healthy Schools program, while maximizing its impact in the field of public health and safety in Jordan, especially within schools. Odeh added that the Society cooperates with Umniah in a number of areas to spread health awareness and reach a healthy and safe Jordanian society. Since the launch of the Healthy Schools program, the number of schools participating in the program has reached 631 schools, from which 396,400 students have benefited, 2,246 teachers and principals have been trained, and 131 community-based health initiatives have been implemented. It is worth noting that the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS) was established in 2005 under the direction of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al-Abdullah, to promote health awareness and empower the local community to adopt healthy lifestyles and behaviors. RHAS’s community-based projects, which are implemented in accordance with the needs of the local community and revolve around national health priorities, include the Healthy Schools program, Think First, Healthy Kitchen, Health Hub, Generations Protected, among others. -End-