Umniah Shifts to a More Flexible Work Policy

Umniah Shifts to a More Flexible Work Policy

September 26, 2020 – Amman, Jordan: As part of Umniah’s commitment to upholding the values of a positive and progressive work environment, CEO Ziad Shatara announced that the company has rolled out a more flexible work policy that embraces remote working. Through the new policy, Umniah cements its belief in the implementation of international best practices in the arena of human and administrative management, providing the most suitable work environment for its employees in order for them to achieve their goals, objectives and ultimately deliver a positive customer experience.

Speaking about the new policy, Shatara said, “Umniah, as an innovator in the field of telecommunications in Jordan, has continuously adopted global best practices, presenting its employees with a professional and comfortable work environment, an ethos that is completely in accordance with our strategic vision. This, in turn, allows all employees to work at optimum levels of professionalism and efficacy, and now they even have the freedom to choose their work place. This will enhance productivity and will allow them to better maintain the balance between their personal and professional responsibilities.”

He went on to add, “Umniah has always embraced change and supported the adoption of a progressive culture that allows for continued growth and flexibility, policies that have given rise to increased levels of confidence between staff members.” Shatara also said that remote working environments have been proven to increase creativity and success.

Umniah Human Resources Director Diana Saidi said, “Umniah empowers its employees by giving them the confidence to accomplish their duties creatively and efficiently through the implementation of a flexible work system, set in the ideal environment, which they themselves choose.”

Saidi went on to explain that Umniah is providing all employees with the tools and technologies needed to allow them to conduct their work remotely at high levels of efficiency, clarifying that the flexible work policy has been in place for many years but has now become even more vital. This strategy, according to Saidi, has provided more job opportunities, has boosted business, and has enriched the services provided, all of which contribute to the advancement and prosperity of Jordan.