Umniah Sets Up Hand Sanitizing Stations in Multiple Ministries Departments

Amman, 27 June, 2021 Umniah is committed to following its social responsibility framework and strengthening the country’s efforts to combat the coronavirus. Therefore, the company has donated a number of hand sanitizing stations to multiple ministries departments.


Umniah provided sterilization services among stations that have been placed in a number of departments. These include the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, and Ministry of Education whose members add up to an estimated 80 thousand users of these stations throughout the year. They abide by the slogan “sterilize your hands to help yourself and others fight the virus” as a step to prevent and combat the spread of the virus.


The company’s Director of Quality, Business Continuity and Information Security, Amjad Farouqa, said: “This contribution is within the lines of our social responsibility framework. We feel playing our part in helping the community is extremely important. The company’s health and safety programs aim to support and stand in solidarity with state institutions to address this exceptional situation. These especially include the ministries and institutions most in need such as those hosting doctors, nurses, healthcare officials, teaching staff and all those on the frontlines who must address the prevention of the spread of the virus.”


Farouqa stressed on the importance of a cross-sectoral response to the pandemic; “We are eager to implement our social responsibility strategy in an efficient and effective manner. Our goal is to provide support and assistance to the groups most in need, especially in the current circumstances present in Jordan as a whole.”


Farouqa hopes that the distribution of sterilization products in government departments will serve to remind employees and visitors of the importance of hygiene in maintaining health and safety.