Umniah’s Highlights its Most Prominent Corporate Social Responsibility Achievements for 2021

January 23, 2022 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah recently released a report highlighting 2021’s most prominent corporate social responsibility programs and initiatives, each one with the aim of supporting the country’s sustainable development goals in line with the implementation of the UN’s 17 SDG Goals.


According to the report, Umniah continued to build on its achievements within the communities in which it operates, performing more effectively as a conscientious national company. In 2021, the company focused its efforts on long-impact programs and support for vital sectors, with education at the forefront. Umniah launched the Forsa initiative to renovate sports complexes and playgrounds at a number of government schools and expanded its partnership with the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development. The company also signed cooperation agreements with national non-profit institutions to alleviate poverty and empower underprivileged groups in society and worked to promote volunteerism.


Launching the JD1 million Forsa initiative
In the largest of its kind initiative in support of the education sector, during the year 2021, Umniah, in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, launched Forsa, an initiative that works to improve the educational environment in government schools. The JD1 million initiative focuses on the renovation of sports complexes and playgrounds at a number of government schools over a period of five years across all the Kingdom’s governorates. Additionally, it will provide schools with sports equipment and tools that are in line with the technical specifications of the project.


The launch of the initiative came as part of Jordan’s centennial celebrations as well as Umniah’s belief in the importance of education. The playgrounds and sports complexes of five public schools that serve more than 6000 students in Amman, Irbid and Zarqa were part of the initial phase and the first playground to be renovated was located at the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques School for Boys in Zarqa. The project will also provide new volunteer opportunities, with participants helping in school beautification including planting and painting and conducting workshops, as well as opportunities through registration on the Nahno platform.


Expanding cooperation with the Queen Rania Foundation for Education and Development
Also, as part of its support for the educational sector, Umniah announced that it has expanded its cooperation with Queen Rania Foundation to include new programs, such as supporting members of Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans integrate into society and become self-reliant. To achieve this goal, Umniah will provide support and guidance to help participants acquire the skills necessary for them to succeed in their academic and professional education journey through a number of programs, including them in incubation programs for entrepreneurship and internship programs at the company. Umniah will also seek to employ participants in the Umniah Youth Unit team and continue its donation campaigns for the Al-Aman Fund through its umnicoin loyalty program. Umniah will also support the “My Child's First Years” program for parents due to its positive impact on the lives of families and communities through videos that answer the most frequently asked questions by parents about the best way to support their children's early development and education.


Additionally, Umniah will continue to support the Healthy Schools program by the Royal Health Awareness Society, which has seen the company promote healthy practices at five public schools in Zarqa and Irbid to the benefit of 4,376 male and female students and nine teachers. Umniah also has a cooperation agreement with Edraak that allows students to browse the site for free and without using up their data from their internet packages, giving them access to the platform’s study materials. Additionally, the company renewed its agreement with the Jordan River Foundation’s family support line (110) that allows the company’s customers to call the number for free.


Sponsorship of 67 families from Tkiyet Um Ali for a year
Under the umbrella of its Umniah al Khair initiative, Umniah partnered with Tkiyet Um Ali and Naua for its annual Ramadan campaign worth JD36,000, which was distributed among 25 families in category B at a value of JD15,000 and 42 families in category C at a value of JD15,120, in addition to the distribution of 200 additional parcels during the same period.


A further 276 parcels were distributed to beneficiaries of Tkiyet Um Ali’s programs during Ramadan, including 109 parcels in the governorate of Amman/Giza/Talbiya Youth Club Committee, 110 parcels in Zarqa to the Ad-Dulayl Women’s Association, and 56 parcels to the Banan Association for Social Development in the governorate of Irbid. Additionally, 1,708 meals were distributed to families during Ramadan in the governorates of Amman, Zarqa, Balqa and Madaba.


The donation of oxygen generators as a gift on behalf of Umniah customers during Ramadan
Also, in a new cooperation with Naua, a Crown Prince Foundation initiative, Umniah lent its support to the “Your Goodness is Healing for Others” project, which was launched by the platform in order to purchase oxygen-generators and oximeters, in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Charitable Organization as a humanitarian gift during these exceptional circumstances on behalf of Umniah’s clients and partners. The initiative was launched as a way of helping coronavirus patients recovering at home return to health as soon as possible in view of the importance of such devices in detecting low levels of oxygen in the blood.


Mother's Day at the SOS Children's Villages
Umniah took part in three events celebrating mothers at the SOS Children’s Villages in Amman, Irbid and Aqaba, and launched a donation campaign through its umnicoin loyalty program as support for the association that allowed clients to donate their umnicoin from March 15 through March 31, 2021, with the company matching each donation with JD1.


UVolunteer: Umniah Volunteer Work Program
The company launched a voluntary program (UVolunteer) to employees, in cooperation with Nahno, the national platform for youth volunteering and participation. Throughout the year, Umniah took part in a number of corporate social responsibility activities including:

  • A volunteer day in Ghor Al Safi to support the developmental Yusr project, with a volunteer team harvesting moringa fruits. The Yusr sustainable development project empowers rural women and youth and is one of the pioneering projects of the Durrat Al-Manal Foundation for Development and Training.
  • A volunteer pizza-baking day with the children of SOS Villages in Amman held in coordination with the Princess Taghreed Foundation (PTI). At the event, volunteers worked hand in hand with SOS Children's Villages mothers to prepare the basic ingredients needed for the pizzas ahead of time, and in turn worked with the children to bake their pies at their own homes.
  • A day during which volunteers from Umniah’s Youth Team prepared welfare parcels at the Tkiyet Um Ali warehouse for distribution during the holy month


The launch of the Winter Campaign
In 2021, Umniah partnered with the Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, a Queen Rania Foundation initiative, and the Social Committee at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MODEE) for a campaign in support of the less privileged. The initiative, part of the company’s Umniah Al-Khair program, was implemented in coordination with the Crown Prince Foundation’s Naua platform, which aims to instill a culture of volunteerism in Jordanian society. The initiative supported 130 youths who from Al-Aman Fund for the Future of Orphans, as well as 50 less-fortunate families in Karak who received aid from the annual winter campaign by the Social Committee at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MODEE), through coupons for supplies from the Military Consumer Corporation.


Renewing the partnership with the Charity Clothes Bank for the fourth year
During 2021, Umniah renewed its cooperation agreement with the Clothes Bank one of Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) initiatives for the fourth consecutive year. Umniah placed donation container at its headquarters in Shmeisani to collect clothes, shoes and toys from company employees and customers. The donations were collected by Clothes Bank and taken to the organization’s Mahatta showroom, where they were sorted, cleaned and displayed.


Sponsoring an awareness-raising dialogue session entitled "Think in Pink"
Umniah partnered with the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) and the King Hussein Cancer Foundation (KHCF) to raise awareness about the annual breast cancer screening campaign offered by the Jordan Breast Cancer Program as part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month through a dialogue session entitled “Think Pink” for TRC employees. The session highlighted the importance of early detection through self-examination as well as prevention methods through a healthy and balanced lifestyle.


Umniah supports the steadfastness of the Palestinian people by providing 1,000 free minutes of calls to Palestine, and opens the door for donations
As an expression of its solidarity with the people of Palestine and as support or their steadfastness, Umniah provided 1,000 free calling minutes on the Ooredoo Palestine network to all its customers with prepaid lines, and 250 free calling minutes to all its customers except for subscribers of packages that include free minutes to Palestine.


Umniah also announced its contribution to the medical support campaign implemented under the slogan “Together to help Palestine” through the Naua electronic platform, a Crown Prince Foundation initiative, which allowed all Umniah customers the opportunity to donate through the umnicoin loyalty program for the purchase of medical and in-kind supplies for Palestinians. The company also gave its employees the opportunity to donate directly to the campaign from their salaries to support the steadfastness of families in Palestine.


Umniah, in cooperation with Fortinet and Al-Ahliyya Amman University, established cybersecurity training labs
Umniah partnered with Al-Ahliyyah Amman University and Fortinet, a global leader in in the field of information security, to establish and fully equipped cybersecurity training laboratories at the university. The labs, which conform to the latest and highest technological and technical specifications, are used for workshops and classes for university students given by qualified trainers. The project is in line with one of the main pillars of its corporate social responsibility strategy, which focuses on empowering Jordan’s youth by equipping them with the right tools for success. The new cybersecurity laboratories are the latest in a series of strategic moves by Umniah to maintain its position as a leader in the field of cybersecurity, having previously established the first specialized center for cybersecurity management with artificial intelligence (Intelligent Security Operation Center - iSOC) for monitoring security vulnerabilities and threats and providing companies and institutions with services that meet their unique needs in the face of growing cyberthreats. The company also founded a cybersecurity academy that offers workshops and lectures open to Jordanian university students.


Umniah honors medical teams and staff as part of the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship's campaign "Greetings to Our White Army"
Umniah partnered with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship (MODEE) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) to launch the "Greetings to Our White Army" initiative, which honored Jordanian medical personnel on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. During the campaign, Umniah sent a convoy to a number of medical facilities, kicking off the tour at Prince Hamzah Hospital, carrying gifts and messages of thanks from Umniah’s team members to hospital personnel for their tremendous efforts made in the ongoing fight against the pandemic.


The 8Log continues its vital role in enriching Internet content
Since its launch in February 2019, Umniah blog The 8Log has worked to enrich the availability of original Arabic content on the internet while simultaneously giving the region’s youth a platform to gather information and share their ideas. In 2021, the blog witnessed an uptick in traffic, with more than 300,000 individual visitors, three-quarters of which were youth, and 316 articles published on a variety of subject including cybersecurity, health, sports, art, culture, entertainment, and entrepreneurship.


The Tank and the crucial role in strengthening the entrepreneurship environment
The Tank, Umniah’s business incubator, continued its efforts to support and strengthen the entrepreneurship environment in the Kingdom and helping young, innovative, and creative minds direct their energies into translating their ideas into viable projects. Throughout the year, The Tank hosted more than 30 events and activities and offered its support to many initiatives in its efforts for further sustainable and comprehensive development in the country. It also launched the third season of the incubation program for 2021, with 21 new startups joining the program, which brings the total number of companies incubated since 2018 to 61.