Umniah’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Incubator “The Tank” Follows Blockchain’s Latest Technology

Amman, July 9, 2018: Umniah, through its entrepreneurship and innovation incubator, The Tank, sponsored the event "Blockchain Technologies & Internet Governance" organized by the Information and Communications Technology Association (Int@j), in cooperation with the Internet Society - ISOC. The event was under the patronage of the Governor of the Central Bank of Jordan, Dr. Ziad Fariz, and was held at the Hyatt Amman Hotel. This is not the first event The Tank takes part in, as it also held a similar seminar for entrepreneurs and startups benefiting from incubating services. The event is part of Umniah's mission to promote a culture of digital economy as an engine for growth in Jordan by using one of the world's leading "Blockchain" digital assets, creating a platform for future technology and for all digital, encryption, financial and economic projects. "Our sponsorship of this valuable event is due to the importance of new concepts and their role in spreading a culture of digital economy," said Zaid Ibrahim, Umniah’s Marketing Director. "We always like to take part in any opportunity that helps spread this culture and thus contribute to the overall economic development." Ibrahim also mentioned that Blockchain will revolutionize the Internet of Things in many economic sectors such as banking, health, information security, global supply chains, transport, insurance, energy, real estate and more. It will also help companies use new methods to treat and process digital transactions, such as payment systems and digital and financial currencies. Ibrahim further explained that Blockchain, will create a revolution within the industrial revolution for its endless effects on all sectors. This calls for all countries to enact laws to govern the internet and facilitate the use of this modern technology. Hosting this activity is a testament to The Tank’s keenness to adopt the latest technological developments in the local market through seminars, conferences and workshops, and transferring them to all entrepreneurs within the incubator, Ibrahim stated. He went on to mention that such an event plays an integral role in stimulating and supporting the spirit of initiative and creativity in Jordan." Moreover, Int@j Chairman Dr. Bashar Hawamdeh thanked Umniah for its support of the event, stressing that Int@j is always seeking real platforms to raise awareness of the most important techniques used in the world. He pointed out that Int@j continues to work within a leading approach to discuss the most important topics that the world has already begun to implement. Since its official launch in 2014, The Tank has provided a valuable environment for startups and entrepreneurs, as well as innovative and creative business solutions.