Umniah’s Entrepreneurship and Business Incubator, The Tank, Announces Second Season Winners

Umniah’s Entrepreneurship and Business Incubator, The Tank, Announces Second Season Winners Amman August 25th 2019: The Tank, Umniah’s entrepreneurship and business incubator, announced the second season winners of its incubator services program, following the completion of the evaluation and screening of 270 competitive applications submitted by Jordanian startups and entrepreneurs, including 30 companies and entrepreneurs that were shortlisted. Winners of The Tank’s incubation services for the second season comprised 20 companies, 10 of which will receive actual incubation services: Martha, Ghoorcom, Piranya Network, IVVEST, Fitly, Cyborgs Technology, Parallel Bots, Dalton Digital Solution, FunBox and MedBank; whereas the other 10 companies will receive virtual incubation services, which include: Good waste, MOCCS, Areeb, Kenndah, Docsecure, Arab Motors, Anwan, Once upon a gym, Papona, Danas' Charm. A jury was formed to select The Tank program winners to evaluate, sort and select the companies and entrepreneurs eligible to participate in the new season for the duration of a month and a half. The entrepreneurship incubator’s team of judges included: Walid Tahabsim, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Founder of Integrated Technology Group; Valentina Qussisiya, CEO of Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation; Zaid Ibrahim, Marketing Director at Umniah, Faisal Haqqi, Director of “Arab Venture”; Nidal Al-Bitar, Executive Director of the Jordanian Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies "Intaj"; Wajeeha Al-Husseini, Umniah Director of the Communication Department. Zaid Ibrahim, Marketing Director at Umniah, congratulated the winning companies and entrepreneurs. He stressed that the second season of the winners demonstrates Umniah's commitment through its incubator, The Tank, to continue to support Jordanian entrepreneurs and offer the best international practices that have been adopted to keep abreast of latest developments. Furthermore, Umniah hopes to continue to play an exceptional role in the development of infrastructure and human resources for the telecommunications and information technology sectors, as well as to effectively contribute to the comprehensive development process based on: modern technologies, innovation and continuous rehabilitation, which in turn leads to the development of business and job creation that the national economy is in need of. Ibrahim revealed that the applications submitted were screened and checked by specialized committees according to the qualifying criteria and conditions set in advance, with the selection thereafter of a shortlist of 30 startups, followed by the evaluation of technical and business offers to be able to announce the names of startups selected to join the incubator. According to Ibrahim, the list of incubation services provided by The Tank to the winners includes a selection of carefully selected and value-added services, which facilitates the transfer of ideas and projects from concept to creation, and enables communication with national and international experts within the entrepreneurship field. It is noteworthy to mention that Umniah’s entrepreneurship incubator, The Tank, is one of the first business incubators to provide integrated and actual incubation services, based on a comprehensive corporate vision supported by Umniah to provide value-added services. These include financial and technical support for entrepreneurs and startups in order to implement their ideas and turn them into a reality, with fully developed projects that are both income-generating and job-creating. Moreover, The Tank provides the best professional mentoring services to expand the customer base, in addition to boosting marketing and networking. It also holds workshops, specific training courses, and hosts specialized conferences and seminars to help entrepreneurs develop their personal and creative skills and abilities. The Tank further offers dedicated office space within the incubator, providing ample opportunities to participate in global exhibitions and conferences to promote international networking for the entrepreneurs. -End-