Umniah Recognizes the Contribution of Outstanding Members of the Youth Unit Team

February 13, 2022 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah recently recognized the contribution of a number of outstanding students who distinguished themselves as part of the Youth Unit Team. The Youth Unit gives university students an opportunity to develop the skills needed to successfully enter the job market after graduation.


At the ceremony, Umniah Chief Commercial Officer Zaid Al-Ibrahim conferred gifts and prizes on four members, each who contributed to the achievement of the highest increase in sales of the home fiber service.


Al-Ibrahim spoke of his appreciation for the remarkable efforts of Umniah’s Youth Unit Team throughout the past year, which resulted in a marked increase in sales, especially in the home fiber service. He went on to add that the ceremony not only recognizes outstanding team members, but also serves to motivate others to continue to strive for excellence.


Al-Ibrahim also said that Umniah believes that its team members are the pillars of the company, and regularly takes the opportunity to recognize their outstanding efforts. According to Al-Ibrahim, the Youth Unit Team, which is staffed by university students who seek internship opportunities, is a worthy example to be followed by other Jordanian companies.


Umniah established the Youth Unit Team in 2014 in line with its firm conviction in the importance of an active youth population. For Umniah, the youth are the backbone of society, and the company works tirelessly to advance their skills and empower them through their educational journey by offering them internship opportunities that prepare them to enter the job market and ultimately benefit their communities. Since its launch, the Youth Unit Team has worked with approximately 390 male and female students, 320 of whom went on to complete their college degrees.