Umniah Provides Remote Employees with a Comfortable Work Environment

Work from Home

December 13, 2020, Amman, Jordan: As part of its continued commitment to ensuring that all its employees operate within a suitable work environment, and in line with its ardent implementation of international best practices in human resources management, Umniah has announced that it is implementing a series of measures that prioritize flexibility and comfort for those working remotely.


In recognition of the “new normal” imposed by the global coronavirus pandemic, Umniah has pledged to provide its employees who currently work from home with logistical support services that include office furniture for service center personnel and an increase in the ceiling of home Internet packages for all company employees. This move is an effort to prioritize and support creativity and productivity within the company, which will, in turn, allow Umniah’s workforce to remain motivated and engaged.


Speaking about the outstanding new company initiative, Umniah Human Resources Acting Director Diana Saidi said, “at Umniah, we believe in the importance of investing in our employees, consistently providing them with the support they need, which not only enhances their performance and allows them to offer the highest standards of quality, but also facilitates the achievement of the company’s goals and provides customers with superior services."


Saidi added that the adoption of a flexible remote work strategy creates more job opportunities and increases the volume of business for the company, a move that also serves to propel the country forward on its goal of attaining sustainable and comprehensive development. According to Saidi, Umniah is committed to implementing a flexible work system and a suitable work environment for all its employees, as well as working to develop a strategy designed to secure all the tools necessary to ensure their comfort and success in the workplace. She added that this dynamic and adaptable strategy is in line with international best practices, and has led to a demonstrable increase in loyalty from company employees, who operate with a sense of reassurance, security and belonging while performing their duties.