Umniah provides Amman Baptist School with ICT solutions

Umniah provides Amman Baptist School with ICT solutions Amman, September 1st 2019 Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain Group, has signed a three-year agreement to provide ICT solutions to the Amman Baptist School. The Amman Baptist School will join a long and extensive list of Umniah customers who have trusted the company as their first and preferred choice to provide them with reliable and efficient ICT solutions to integrate them into their operations and business, as well as to improve their performance and productivity. Under the agreement, Umniah will provide the Amman Baptist School with dedicated Internet access service, managed Wi-Fi solutions, in addition to networking appliances and cabling. Umniah's services and solutions will enable the Amman Baptist School to upgrade its IT infrastructure, which will support its efforts to provide a digital learning environment and adopt smart learning methods, as well as providing easy and secure access to the Internet for communication and knowledge exchange between teachers and students. Commenting on the agreement, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said: “We are delighted that the Amman Baptist School has joined the list of our most valued customers. Our efforts over the past years have been focused on two aspects: firstly, to make a quantum leap in the Jordanian ICT sector, and secondly to harness the highly advantageous technical and human capabilities available to us to support local business sectors and provide them with the necessary solutions.” He further pointed to the distinctive and effective role played by Umniah to provide the education sector with the necessary technologies and services that will improve the educational level on the one hand and enhance productivity and economic growth in general on the other hand. Shatara expressed his hope that the ICT and business solutions that Umniah will provide to the Amman Baptist School will contribute to achieving its goals of increasing the quality of its educational services, by connecting its students to the information society, empowering them with modern technology tools, and facilitating the transfer of knowledge to them. Umniah provides business solutions services to both the public and private sectors, continuing to be at the forefront of this field, supported by modern and advanced infrastructure, highly professional technical staff, and efficient and qualitative telecommunications services. -End-