Umniah Partners with the Royal Health Awareness Society for a Panel Discussion to Mark World No Tobacco Day


May 14, 2022 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah held a special panel discussion, in partnership with the Royal Health Awareness Society, at The Tank’s headquarters, entitled "Smoke-free Facilities" on the occasion of World No Tobacco Day. The event was attended by media officials and social media influencers.


During the panel that was moderated by Umniah Content Marketing Supervisor, Batoul Arnaout, the speakers highlighted the importance of ensuring public places are kept smoke-free as well as the challenges faced by both citizens and businesses in implementing Public Health Law No. (47) of 2008, which bans smoking in public places.


At the event, the Royal Health Awareness Society Advocacy and Programs Development Manager , Deena Al-Zou’bi spoke about tobacco consumption trends in Jordan, stating that the number of male smokers has reached approximately 66%, and among females 17.4%, whereas 15.9% of males and 2.6% of females use e-cigarettes, and 9,000 Jordanians die each year from smoking-related diseases, 56% of whom die before the age of 70.


Al Zou’bi also said that 80% of Jordanians are exposed to secondhand smoke, highlighting the benefits of keeping restaurants and tourist facilities smoke-free.


No Tobacco Association Secretary Dr. Larissa Al-Uar spoke about ways to increase the levels of commitment towards achieving “a smoke-free Jordan,” as well as enforcing the ban on smoking in public places, especially closed spaces. She also touched upon the social reasons behind the large percentage of smokers in Jordan, as well as people’s role in de-normalizing smoking.


Panelist Firas Shabaneh, who is a partner in the local smoke-free Café Strada, spoke about the reasons behind his project, the positive aspects as well as ways to overcome any challenges.


The session concluded with several recommendations to further raise awareness about the danger of smoking and the creation of a safe work environment, as well as advancing dialogue with companies to ensure the protection of individuals from direct and passive smoke.


Umniah has been a longtime champion of smoke-free policies and is one of the first Jordanian companies to receive a smoke-free zone certificate from the King Hussein Cancer Center. The company has banned smoking in all its buildings and showrooms and has worked to increase awareness about the dangers of secondhand smoke.