Umniah organizes a workshop for Ministry of Education directorates’ IT managers on its Interconnection and Protection Project

Umniah organizes a workshop for Ministry of Education directorates’ IT managers on its Interconnection and Protection Project Amman, April xx 2019 Umniah recently held a workshop for IT managers working at the Ministry of Education’s various directorates, where speakers highlighted the achievements from the Interconnection and Protection Project. The workshop was attended by a number of officials and project managers from the Queen Rania Center for Education and Information Technology, the IT managers of the Information and Technology Department of the Ministry and its Directorates, in addition to a number of experts and engineers from Umniah. Participants provided an overview of the positive impact the project has had on the ministry’s operations, education directorates and schools, providing detailed description about the unified communication and collaboration service (UCC) that was provisioned to support the communication part from the total project. "Umniah has played a key role in enriching the public education infrastructure in the kingdom by leveraging IP-based technologies and launching high-value, innovative solutions that fulfill the needs of its clients,” commented Umniah’s Commercial Enterprise and Home Broadband Director, Mahmoud Abu Zannad. Abu Zannad noted that the workshop is a continuation of the company's efforts to support the education sector by raising awareness on the benefits of the unified collaboration services and business solutions available through its lineup, which feature direct and streamlined communication channels with Umniah’s support staff that significantly accelerate the delivery of support services to clients. “Umniah's UCC service, which is powered by Cisco technology, offers easy and fast collaboration and communication channels, allowing organizations to boost productivity and efficiency using a cost-effective solution," added Abu Zannad. The UCC service offered by Umniah features unparalleled security and reliability, offering organizations a singular platform that delivers streamlined services to their employees and users irrespective for their location, even employees who are stationed remotely or those constantly on the move. It is also worth noting that the interconnection and protection project implemented by Umniah, paved the way for accelerating the implementation of the ministry’s digital examination platforms, which culminated in the launch of the first official electronic exam for Jordan’s General Secondary Certificate Examination. It also allowed the ministry to have direct links to its warehouses databases nationwide, which has substantially streamlined its extensive inventory management requirements. Umniah is one of the key supporters of the education sector in the Kingdom. In 2017, the company finalized the largest interconnection networking project in Jordan’s history and region, implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and the Jordanian Armed Forces. The project connected the Ministry to more than 2769 schools and education directorates nationwide, in addition to delivering free high-speed internet to more than 1.3 million students and 100,000 teachers and staff. END