Umniah marks Mother’s Day by honoring local mothers in partnership with Naua and JHCO

Umniah marks Mother’s Day by honoring local mothers in partnership with Naua and JHCO Umniah recently marked Mother’s Day with a large-scale celebration that took place on March 21st, organized in partnership with the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization (JHCO) and the Naua platform — one of the initiatives of the Crown Prince Foundation. Driven by its longstanding efforts to support civil society in Jordan with the objective of effecting lasting positive change, this partnership with JHCO and Naua sought to empower the beneficiaries of JHCO’s various programs — particularly the mothers among them. The event saw the graduation of 15 mothers currently benefitting from the “Arzaq” program, one of the flagship projects launched by JHCO to provide local women with the necessary capacity building to secure viable livelihood opportunities. Umniah had fully sponsored one of the core components of the program — the highly-demanded sewing workshops — by securing all the necessary equipment for the program, including sewing machines, accessories, fabrics, and others. During the celebration, Umniah also honored 65 participants currently benefitting from JHCO’s programs, distributing gifts to honor them on Mother’s Day and offering them gift certificates to shop from the Clothing Bank, another initiative launched by JHCO. "Umniah is committed to supporting civil society organizations in their efforts to empower women and support Jordanian mothers," commented Wajeeha Al-Husseini, Director of Communications at Umniah. "One of the critical steps in ensuring sustainable development is guaranteeing stable livelihoods for Jordanian families, and today we are working together to help Jordanian mothers find sustainable career opportunities to support their families.” Husseini also underscored the grander importance of Mother’s Day as a celebration of one of the cornerstones of Jordanian society, noting that Umniah has adopted the celebration of motherhood as a year-long strategy that permeates its corporate culture and its social responsibility strategy. Assistant Secretary-General of the Jordan Hashemite Charity Organization JHCO, Mohammed Nasser Al-Kilani, expressed his gratitude to Umniah for their ongoing support, calling on the private sector to follow in their footsteps when it comes to supporting local communities and refugees through sustainable development projects that have lasting positive ramifications for individuals, families and the local economy as a whole. In addition to offering participants gift certificates and free mobile subscriptions, Umniah’s celebration included a series of recreational activities, including a traditional “Hakawati” storytelling session by Jordanian artist Yazan Masarwa, followed by a lunch hosted by the beneficiaries of the "Arzaq" project and with the support of Umniah. Through its partnership with JHCO and the “Naua” platform as well as its various other programs, Umniah seeks to support for the empowerment of women through a number of effective approaches, one of the most important being helping women access necessary capacity building to help them secure viable livelihood opportunities and market their products and skills directly. It is worth noting that Naua is an electronic platform that was conceived with the objective of accelerating public participation in sustainable development by raising awareness on key issues impacting communities nationwide, in addition to providing a shared resource for charitable work in the kingdom. Similarly, JHCO is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that coordinates the efforts of humanitarian response and organizes voluntary charitable activities to ensure decent living opportunities through developmental and rehabilitation projects and programs, with a focus on emergency and immediate assistance during disasters. JHCO operates a number of core programs, including its highly successful “Arzaq” project, which seeks to achieve sustainability through rehabilitation and to secure dignified livelihoods for local women. Meanwhile, the organization’s Community Center provides a variety of services to East Amman residents free of charge, while its Charity Clothing Bank secures clothing for Jordanian families nationwide throughout the year. The Charity Clothing Bank was also supported by Umniah in an initiative launched in 2018. The END