Umniah marks Jordan’s centenary with a goodwill project to support the kingdom’s COVID-19 response

Umniah Al Kheir

Amman 10th May 2021: As part of its Umniah Al Khair social responsibility program in Ramadan, Umniah marked the Kingdom’s centenary with the announcement to support “Your Good is their Cure” project, in cooperation with Naua — A Crown Prince Foundation Initiative


The project aims to facilitate the procurement of oxygen generators and pulse oximetry equipment (used to measure the percentage of oxygen in the blood), delivered in cooperation with the Jordanian Hashemite Charity Organization under professional medical supervision and follow up. Supplies will be delivered as grants to local pandemic coordination and response teams, underscoring the collective responsibility all members of the community must shoulder in the face of this global crisis. Umniah is also providing the donated equipment on behalf of its VIP customers as a charitable gift to those in need.


The primary objective of this initiative from Umniah is to help non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients to recover safely at home, particularly in light of the fact that the medical equipment being provided is considered a basic requirement for effective recovery among COVID-19 patients experiencing drops in oxygen levels.


Umniah’s CEO Ziad Shatara noted that Umniah is proud of the efforts it has made since the onset of the pandemic as a key supporter of Jordan’s national response, noting that “the project represents and translates Umniah’s social responsibility strategy and further underscores the company’s role in supporting critical national institutions, particularly healthcare.”


“Over the past months, we witnessed a volatile rise in the number reported cases of COVID-19, which in turn has created unprecedented demand and pressure on the hospitals in Jordan, many of which passed the 100 percent mark. This mandated that that our support take a different approach this time by procuring oxygen generators and pulse oximetry equipment to support patients isolating in their homes under the supervision of medical staff. This serves to reduce the load on hospitals and patients alike without putting either at risk.


It is worth noting that supplemental oxygen is first and most crucial step in the treatment for acute COVID-19 cases who suffer from low oxygen levels in the blood, with experts recommending that it be the primary focus of treatment.


This project is also being supervised by a specialized medical team, with a lead medical coordinator responsible for monitoring the conditions of patients who will be provided with the oxygen generators in their homes and providing guidance and support when needed.


In 2020, Umniah donated an excess of JOD 2 million to Jordan’s COVID-19 response, which primarily funded programs within the health and education sectors in addition to humanitarian and charity organizations focused on community empowerment.