Umniah Launches Updated USales App — The First App in Jordan Designed to Help Young People Earn Additional Income


Umniah has rolled out an updated version of its USales application, introduced in 2020 in a bid to help young Jordanians earn extra income while retaining full autonomy over their working schedules.


USales is a platform that helps young sales professionals build their capacities and offers them the opportunity to market Umniah’s fiber products, in addition to providing digital training programmes, insights, and other valuable tools to help aspiring sales experts to sharpen their skills.


“USales is the first application of its kind in the Jordanian telecom market, and the new features in this updated release were conceived to take the experience to an entirely new level,” explained Umniah’s CEO, Ziad Shatara. “The new features expand on the app’s ability to manage and track sales and commissions, allowing users to gain even greater control on their professional development.”


Shatara also noted that the changes introduced in the new version of USales will further aid young professionals in their journey to build better skills and generate income. This, he noted, goes hand in hand with Umniah’s efforts to make a meaningful difference in the lives of aspiring young Jordanians, as well as its digital transformation strategy that leverages cutting edge technologies to propel nationwide growth and development.


USales is available on IOS, Android, and the Huwaei AppGallery stores, making the platform available to a wide range of users. With this new release, the app has unveiled new tiers of opportunity for its users, providing live tracking product sales and offering direct commission earnings. The app also provides introductory videos about Umniah, how to guide on the platform itself, in addition to a wide array of resources to make the experience much smoother.


The USales app can be downloaded via the following link: