Umniah Launches Tier III Data Center

April xx, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah, subsidiary of Bahrain-based Batelco, announced that its Al-Rasheed Data Center has been awarded two international certifications, recognition that affirms the company's innovative steps in offering its customers the best hosting solutions and managed services in communication and information technology. Al-Rasheed Data Center received the third classification certificate, the Tier III Datacenter, for designing data by the Uptime Institute, the most reliable international organization for the design, building and operating of data centers in the field of information technology. This is testimony to the reliability, high availability and continued operation of this center with numbers reaching 99.982%, allowing organizations to reduce operational costs, increase the productivity and efficiency of their operations and focus on their main work rather than operational issues, such as maintaining data integrity and confidentiality. The center also received the standard certification for managing information systems (ISO 27001), considered one of the most important and internationally recognized certificates, affirming that it operates at the highest levels of data protection and security, business continuity and catastrophe recovery. Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara spoke of his pride on the data center’s recognition, saying, "The center's international recognition by these two international organizations comes at the apex of the company’s efforts to continue providing innovative and high-quality integrated services to both public and private sector institutions, fulfilling all their communication and information technology needs and helping them achieve economic growth." Shatara added that Umniah’s selection of the data center’s location was based on several criteria, including ease of access from different areas of the Kingdom. He also stated that the establishment of the center supports the government's plans and future strategy of digital transformation and the building of a knowledge-based economy that relies on national services including information and communications technologies, and the provision of an advanced infrastructure that support all sectors. Umniah adopted international best practices for the provision of hosting services and data centers as per the highest standards and specifications. The center includes a DCIM system for managing data centers, which operates by monitoring the center's infrastructure and provides a smart hosting service that houses systems and equipment, ensuring the highest operational efficiency. Furthermore, the center has diversified its sources of energy and cooling systems to business continuity in the event of an emergency. The center is also linked to the Umniah SOC center, which manages information security operations to monitor security incidents and analyze electronic threats, among many other additional features.