Umniah Launches The 8Log Blog Competition to Encourage University Students to Write in Arabic

Umniah Launches The 8Log Blog Competition to Encourage University Students to Write in Arabic Amman, Jordan, 5 November 2019: Umniah has announced the launch of a competition for its blog ‘The 8Log’ to encourage university students to participate and write in Arabic on the blog, which is the first of its kind in the Jordanian telecommunications sector. The competition is a unique opportunity for university students to write Arabic content on topics of their interest and share it with readers in Jordan and around the world. The winning articles will be selected following a set of criteria, most notably, using a concise and clear language, writing in a simple and uncomplicated manner, and providing new and interesting content on various topics such as technology, cyber security and information protection, sports, electronic games, travel, health, art and culture, lifestyle, and other topics of interest to Arab youth. All student entries to which the competition conditions apply will be presented to a jury composed of writers and bloggers. The winners will be announced on Wednesday 18/12/2019, which coincides with the World Arabic Language Day, and will be handed their awards and certificates of appreciation in a ceremony which will include students who participated in the competition and representatives of various universities, media and social media sites. Thursday 14/11/2019 will be the last day for submitting entries. Students are required to submit one article on a topic of their choice (no more than 500 words), via email to After the competition, Umniah will publish the winning articles on the blog with the name of the writer, and will share them across its social media channels. Commenting on the competition, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said: “This competition stems from our belief in the youth and their inspiring role, and the need to motivate them to write, by giving them the opportunity to show their potential to write and share their work on The 8Log blog, which we hope will add quality and a preferred destination for Arabic content in the near future, with its rich and diverse topics.” Umniah launched ‘The 8Log’ blog in February this year on the occasion of the International Mother Language Day, under the slogan “Information With Technology”, to be the ideal destination for diverse content in Arabic, in order to enrich the Arabic content on the internet, which does not exceed 3% of the total global online content, according to a UN report. The blog also includes topics in English. -END-