Umniah Launches Exclusive Internet Offers for Ramadan Customers to Win Various Prizes while Shopping from


Amman 19th April 2021 Building on its continuous efforts to provide unique offers and services to its customers, and on the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Umniah announced the launch of exclusive offers and services to its Fiber customers throughout the Kingdom; Fixed wireless broadband and Personal 4G internet.


The launch of Ramadan exclusive offers coincides with Umniah’s expansion in Fiber coverage footprint to 320 thousand families in Amman and Zarqa governorate.


The unprecedented offers valid throughout the Holy month of Ramadan include high speed downloads with competitive rates, in addition to enabling customers to enter the draw on prizes that include 30 Xbox Series S when subscribing to Umniah Fiber via the e-shop. Fixed wireless broadband and personal 4G subscribers will have the chance to win three months of free trial on OSN.


Ramadan Fiber 500 Mbps offer for JD 25 per month, enables its new customers to experience 500 Mbps download speed, in addition to Smart Wi-Fi free solution, the home internet offer -2TB- is available to customers throughout the Kingdom with download capacity of 2000 GB and a free router for JD 15 as monthly subscription fee, while the home internet offer -1TB available in all governorates excluding Amman and Zarqa, enables users to experience 1000GB download capacity with JD 12 as monthly subscription.


As for personal internet offers, Umniah has enabled its customers to enjoy 500 GB download capacity with free MiFi for a monthly subscription of JD 14, as for the 400GB personal offer its available for customers throughout the kingdom excluding Amman, Zarqa and Irbid with free MiFi for JD 11 monthly subscription fee.


Umniah Marketing Director, Zaid Al-Ibrahim, stressed on Umniah’s ongoing efforts in providing unprecedented promotional offers designed to suit the communication requirements and needs of its customers and at the same time elevate and enrich their experiences. Therefore, the launch of this offer comes in line with the spiritual meaning of the holy month that relies in giving and goodwill.


Ibrahim added, "The month of Ramadan is witnessing a clear increase in people's need to communicate and connect to the Internet, and this need has doubled after the spread of the Corona pandemic, which imposed new lifestyles and adherence to public safety rules, this has driven Umniah to provide these exclusive offers to those wishing to obtain reliable and state of the art internet services at reasonable prices."