Umniah Launches Advanced Wi-Fi Service for Medium and Large Companies

June 26, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah, a Batelco Bahrain subsidiary, has announced the launch of a managed Wi-Fi service in order to facilitate the provision of cordless Internet network services for customers, staff and visitors. This launch is part of the company’s strategy to continue providing its customers with the latest solutions and communications services in the local market. The new Wi-Fi service connects customer to access points throughout the company’s headquarters using a central Wi-Fi connected to the cloud, saving customers numerous financial and administrative costs that result from establishing and managing a customer Wi-Fi controller. This service has a number of benefits, including the central administration of all locations and equipment, access control to the Internet for users, the automatic upgrade of the system, system control via a smartphone app, as well as a specialized team available around the clock to ensure uninterrupted services. Speaking about the company’s latest launch, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said, "Umniah’s strategy is built on offering outstanding services that result in a quantum leap in the Jordanian communications market. We continuously aim to offer of services and communication solutions that fulfil not only the requirements of our customers, but surpass their expectations and contribute to developing the scope of their businesses in order to achieve new levels of quality and efficiency at competitive prices." Shatara went on to add, "Companies, regardless of their area of specialization, search for effective solutions and communication services at cost-effective prices. Since managed Wi-Fi services have become basic requirements for companies to operate efficiently, Umniah has devised a way to offer them in an efficient and cost-effective manner." Through the service, which is characterized by monthly payments in order to offer larger savings, customers pay only for the equipment used and no longer receive unexpected invoices.