Umniah Inaugurates Tier III Data Center

Under the Patronage of the TRC Director Umniah Inaugurates Tier III Data Center, Reviews SOC Achievements Shatara: Two Centers Operate around the Clock to Provide Secure and Reliable Environment for Companies April xx, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, has inaugurated its Tier III Data Center in Al-Rashid suburb. The ceremony, which was held under the patronage of Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC) Dr. Ghazi Al-Jobor, is accredited by the internationally-recognized Uptime Institute. The opening of the center once again affirms Umniah’s capacity for continuously modernizing its infrastructure to present the best solutions to its clients in the field of telecommunications. During his visit to the center, Dr. Al-Jobor, who was accompanied by Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara and a group of representatives from the telecommunications sector, media representatives and Umniah team members, was given a tour of the premises that house the Security Operations Center SOC at Umniah headquarters. The center, which has received the international standard certification of quality of information ISO27001, works around the clock to monitor and track gaps in the information systems of companies and institutions. The center also provides a number of solutions that help companies identify and protect against any cyber threats, offering them a superior protection center at low cost and a high degree of reliability when compared to similar centers available in the market. Umniah’s Tier III Data Center in Al-Rashid has already received two international awards, the Information Security Systems Management Standard (ISO27001) certification and the Tier III certification for the design, building and operation of data centers worldwide, which are in line with the company's vision to provide cutting-edge technologies in the creation of integrated and secure business solutions that is a testimony to the reliability of the center, reaching an impressive 99.982%. This permits companies to focus on their performance, increasing productivity and efficiency, as well as allowing put all their efforts on their work and helps them reduce their capital and operational costs and expenses while simultaneously preserving the security of their clients. Dr. Al-Jobor and the accompanying delegation were also treated to a presentation of the center’s work, which boasts highly advanced infrastructure and a continuous state of readiness. It operates around the clock and was created in a manner that avoids the need to be shut down for maintenance. Sources of energy and air conditioning are provided with more than one input to support the operational processes and can be maintained without disrupting operations. In addition, the center has an entire engineering cadre that is qualified and trained to oversee and manage operations. Dr. Al-Jobor praised Umniah's concentrated efforts and its hard work to provide the most modern services and business solutions, which contribute to serving the Kingdom’s focus on moving the country towards a digital economy. He also went on to stress the significance of access to accredited data and information security management centers, such as the one established by Umniah, in order to provide cutting-edge and effective services in order to preserve the security of companies operating in the business sector. At the event, Shatara said, "At Umniah, we fully understand the significance of data centers for companies of various sizes and that operate in diverse sectors. These centers have become a basic cornerstone for all companies due to their outstanding ability to protect data from potential threats very efficiently." He also noted that the rapid developments in the fields of information technology, cloud computing, hosting services, managed services and information security require the provision of ideal environments suitable for hosting and managing the infrastructures of companies and institutions operating in the Kingdom and the provision of continuous monitoring around the clock. Shatara stressed that Umniah's data center offers enormous capabilities in terms of infrastructure that preserves the continuity of work, reaching an impressive 99.98%, achieving a high level of operational sustainability, making it the ideal choice to protect the data and information of companies in a safe, secure and reliable system that is continuously being developed. Shatara went on to add, "The renovation of the data center is in line with Umniah’s commitment to continuously develop the digital transformation process for companies, improving and reinforcing their performance efficiency and increasing their productivity while allowing them to reduce their costs. The center's design and operation devised in accordance with the highest international standards (Tier III and ISO 27001) in order to provide a full suite of support services to the Kingdom’s business sector. He also highlighted the many advantages enjoyed by the center in terms of the availability of locations to host data and information, around-the-clock- monitoring in an ideal environment that provides uninterrupted sources of energy and air conditioning, in addition to entry and exit monitoring and control systems and fire-detection systems.