Umniah inaugurates it Customer Service Call Center in Zarqa

Umniah inaugurates it Customer Service Call Center in Zarqa March xx, 2019 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah inaugurated its newest customer service call center in Zarqa, the third largest governorate in the Kingdom. The center, which will offer Umniah subscribers the company’s complete suite of integrated packages, will include mobile phone services, Internet, and a wide group of the most advanced phones, tablets and accessories. This is in addition to the outstanding commercial services provided by Umniah, created in order to support and encourage the business community. The new customer service call center will offer the local community a number of new job opportunities, which is at the heart of Umniah’s corporate social responsibility strategy of working with and advancing the communities in which it operates. The center includes a training facility that is slated to regularly host specialized communications and information technology workshops to Zarqa students, as well as residents of the surrounding areas. Speaking at the inauguration, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said, "Zarqa, which is the third largest governorate in the nation, enjoys special attention from the company due to its size. The inauguration of the call center came about as a direct response to the needs of Umniah’s individual and corporate customers, providing them with the most modern services, communication technologies as well as efficient business solutions that enhance their experiences and develop their businesses." Shatara confirmed that Umniah is looking forward to opening up all the available work opportunities at the call center to residents of Zarqa, helping support economic and social development efforts. He added that the center’s training facility for students and residents of Zarqa will focus on the most up-to-date communications and information technologies, helping qualify graduates of the program for the job market. Also speaking at the inauguration, Umniah Director of Distribution & Customer Care, Anas Sughayer said that the new Zarqa call center, which will cater to the governorate’s large base of customers, is in line with Umniah's social responsibility strategy that aims to reinforce its role as a partner in developing human resource skills and work readiness. He went on to note that the continuity of work at Umniah's call center is supported by a number of strong emergency centers. During the event, Shatara took a call at the customer service call center and answered the enquiries of an Umniah customer. - End -