Umniah Exclusive Telecommunications Sponsor for Jordan World Youth Forum

Umniah Exclusive Telecommunications Sponsor for Jordan World Youth Forum Ibrahim: Since its launch, Umniah has considered youth a fundamental pillar of its comprehensive strategy as well as an integral factor in effecting positive change in Jordanian society March 16, 2019 – Amman, Jordan: In line with its institutional identity of supporting youth, Umniah has announced its platinum sponsorship as the exclusive telecommunications partner for the first edition of the Jordan World Youth Forum, which was held at the King Hussein Bin Talal Conference Center on March 16. The Jordan World Youth Forum provided an innovative platform for promising youth from all around the world to participate in dialogue with chief policymakers and regional experts, and ultimately draft and publish a set of recommended procedures and priorities. This monumental youth event, which was attended by approximately 1000 young men and women from Jordan and around the world, represents both a platform and forum for Jordanian and Arab youth where they can openly discuss, debate and consider a number of contemporary issues that affect today’s youth. It also afforded them the opportunity to share their ideas and thoughts over a number of common topics and network with international organizations, as the platform represents a solid path to come up with, build on and implement recommendations on the ground. The summit also saw the incorporation of a number of seminars and workshops that revolved around five main issues that reflect the current needs of today’s youth, including the scientific and technological revolution, youth for peace, innovation and entrepreneurship, sports as a motivator for change, and art as a means for education. Umniah's avid participation in the forum, as well as its sponsorship of the event, is wholly compatible with its institutional identity, through which it seeks to motivate and support Jordan’s youth throughout their participation in building and developing a better society through innovation and technology. Umniah’s Marketing Director, Zaid Ibrahim, speaking at the opening session of the forum, said that since its launch in the local market, the company has focused on the country’s youth. Through its enormous efforts, Umniah has effected marked changes in the local communications market by focusing on individual groups and sectors, studying their requirements and creating unique offerings that suit their interests and needs. This is in addition to remaining at the cutting edge of the telecommunications market, placing the latest technologies at the disposal of its clients at the most competitive prices. Ibrahim went on to add, "At Umniah, we have sought to be a bridge that links youth with the future through an integrated and connected series of effective initiatives in order to effectively contribute to the transformation of our society. We have committed, since our launch over a decade and a half age, to offer the youth the most up-to-date technologies at the lowest possible costs." Ibrahim affirmed Umniah's focus on education as a basic requirement for development. He spoke of the company’s work in the education sector, namely the connectivity project, done in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, which has enriched the educational process by enhancing e-learning, and is considered the perfect example of the synergy that exists between the private and public sectors. During a workshop about innovation and entrepreneurship, Umniah Communications Director Wajeeha Al-Husseini offered participants several local, regional and international success stories of entrepreneurs who all shared a passion to achieve, a strong work ethic, humility, self-respect respect of others, honesty, a thirst for knowledge and the ability to learn from their mistakes. Al-Husseini went on to add that Umniah has dedicated itself to reinforcing a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation while strengthening its pioneering position in the Kingdom by creating an inspirational environment that motivates Jordanian entrepreneurs and startups. In 2014, Umniah launched The Tank, its entrepreneurship and innovation incubator, which was inaugurated by His Majesty King Abdullah II and Her Majesty Queen Rania and is headquartered at the King Hussein Business Park. The Tank provides the optimal environment for supporting entrepreneurship, embracing innovators and those with creative ideas by encouraging them to establish pioneering companies. These efforts contribute to supporting the Kingdom's efforts in achieving sustainable development and building the knowledge economy based on the concepts of creativity and innovation. Umniah's Ambassador for Sports and Youth, Olympic gold medalist Ahmad Abu Ghosh, and his trainer, Faris Assaf, also took part in a panel that highlighted their journey in the sport of taekwondo, as well as spoke of their achievements beyond the world of athletics. On the sideline of the forum, Umniah, the conference’s platinum sponsor, showcased its suite of products and services that are available in the Jordanian market, with a focus on its youth offerings, including the Shababi lines, Umnicoin and Umniah's The Tank. The company also treated forum attendees to a live escape the room game, that participants were able to enjoy during breaks. - End -