Umniah Enterprise Showcases New and Innovative Solutions Through Series of Special Workshops

Umniah Enterprise Showcases New and Innovative Solutions Through Series of Special Workshops Amman, Jordan, 15 December 2019: Umniah Enterprise, a subsidiary of Bahrain’s Batelco Group, has recently showcased, through a series of three workshops, its new and innovative solutions for the business sector. Umniah’s Enterprise team, in cooperation with the world’s largest companies, showcased the advanced services and technologies it provides to enable the public and private sector companies, and private schools, to achieve their plans and projects with high efficiency, as well as open new horizons for them to expand their work both locally and externally, while helping to support Jordan’s efforts in digital transformation. Commenting on the workshops, Umniah’s Commercial Enterprise Director, Mahmoud Abu Zannad, said: “Umniah’s excellence and leadership in the Jordanian market lies in its unique approach in the way it designs its services in the fields of cybersecurity, unified landline and fixed phone communications, and managed security services, by extending the use of its tools and technologies to all of its clients, while providing them with the needed 24/7 technical support.” Abu Zannad touched on the key cloud-based information security protection solutions Umniah provides in the Jordanian market, including cybersecurity services and the new generation of firewalls, in addition to electronic penetration testing services, firewall services for web applications, and anti-malware services. According to Abu Zannad, the unified landline and fixed phone communications service enables easy and fast communication among employees via voice or video calls and messages transmission, in addition to their low cost for companies, helping to increase the overall levels of productivity and operational efficiency. Abu Zannad stressed that Umniah - as a major supporter of the education sector - have directed its efforts in recent years towards supporting future innovation and providing smart business solutions for this sector, contributing to raising the efficiency of the educational process. Abu Zannad said Umniah has implemented the largest school interconnection project in the history of Jordan by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Special Communications Commission (SCC). With the participation of representatives and IT managers of financial services and insurance institutions, the first workshop, entitled ‘Cyber ​​Security Services’, discussed the most prominent cyber security and information security management services that enhance the ability to monitor and detect electronic threats to information systems, which various sectors in general and the banking and financial sector in particular may be exposed to, and how to respond to these threats while maintaining compatibility and compliance with local and international regulations and legislations. Umniah also showcased the Managed Security Services (MSS) it provides through its Security Operations Center (SOC) which was granted an ISO27001 certification and a PCI-DSS certification for the protection of banking services and credit card data. The second workshop, which was held for representatives of private schools, highlighted Umniah’s key business solutions and services for schools, with the aim to create a new culture and competitive environment that improves the level of education in order to enable students, researchers and trainees to achieve their goals. The third workshop, which saw the participation of representatives from ministries and government institutions, shed light on the unified communications service, which is one of the leading and most innovative services provided by Umniah in the Jordanian market using Cisco global solutions. The unified communications service is the alternative solution for the fixed and exchange line, and is used by Umniah to provide integrated telecommunications solutions that include the exchange service and latest landline handsets, in addition to other added services, such as call recording and sending and receiving faxes through e-mail. Umniah has a strong presence in the Jordanian market and is the most reliable and widely deployed telecommunications operator for the business sector, capitalizing on its large base of competencies and expertise that work to create advanced business telecommunications solutions and services that meet the aspirations and needs of its customers, both individuals and companies. -End-