Umniah Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

FOREWORD For Umniah, “Belong” is much more than a slogan; it is a concept that encompasses all that we are as an organization, one that is driven by its unwavering loyalty to the community in which it operates. Since its inception, Umniah has envisioned itself as a vehicle for cultural transformation. In every decision, every endeavor and every commitment we make, we set out to positively alter the reality of those around us, be it by placing new technologies in the hands of the masses, by transforming the infrastructures of key sectors, or by simply supporting the many goodwill initiatives launched by fellow change makers throughout the Kingdom. We believe in the simple yet radiating power of giving back. Through the act of giving, we engage in the most uplifting expression of belonging to a larger whole, and in that act the core of our humanity is revealed. We begin to see the cornerstones that define the trajectory of our development — education, innovation, art, health, and countless others — and with that clearer vision comes a more profound understanding of the role we have to play in the future of our world. In the following pages, we share pieces of this larger tapestry we have attempted to weave over the past years — a tapestry that we hope will reflect who and what we are as a company. Our hope is that the humble steps we have taken to help change lives for the better will serve as an inspiration for others seeking to do the same.



Ziad Shatara

Chief Executive Officer

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