Umniah Continues its Shababi Interactive Campaign

Prizes and Scholarships Offered from Huawei Dealer Reach Umniah Continues its Shababi Interactive Campaign October xx, 2017 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah is continuing its interactive Shababi campaign, which was launched mid-October in cooperation with Huawei through Reach, its dealer in Amman. The campaign, which targeted students in 13 Jordanian government and private universities, is in its third consecutive year and is the largest interactive campaign launched by the telecommunications company. Shababi, which ends on November 30, 2017, also includes a five-a-side league football championship held among Jordanian university students on a mobile football pitch that was constructed especially for the campaign. Huawei, Umniah's partner in this campaign, through its dealer Reach, provides prizes to students who participate in Shababi packages that include one Shababi 5 line and a Huawei phone. Students also have the opportunity to participate in a draw to win 10 $1000 scholarships. Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara expressed the company's appreciation for the substantial support provided by Huawei through its dealer, Reach, in the largest student-centric campaign, saying: "We value Huawei’s effective contribution in supporting this campaign through prizes and scholarship opportunities to students participating in Shababi." He noted the importance of the country’s youth and university students, and the need to help them achieve their potential, and continuously keep them updated on all things relevant to their social and educational lives. Shatara stressed Umniah focuses to supporting Jordanian youth and improving their entrepreneurial knowledge, as their make up more than half the country’s population, and a large segment of the company's subscriber base. Hence, adapting the company’s services and products to supporting them works directly on another of Umniah’s goals, which is achieving sustainable development in Jordanian society. CEO of Reach Company, Huawei Cellular Phones Company dealer Muhammad Jad'an praised Umniah's continued support of youth and its drive to help them achieve their ambitions, saying, "Huawei has the utmost admiration for Umniah's achievements in the Jordanian market and its relevance across the country’s social groups, with a particular focus on the youth." He added that Huawei wishes to continue its cooperation with Umniah by providing support to the Shababi campaign and other initiatives. During the campaign, which was met with enormous support at the five participating universities, Umniah's team introduced the Shababi platform and its accompanying line, which provides communications and Internet services at competitive prices for the youth. Students also had the chance to learn more about the communications services and marketing offers provided by Umniah. The campaign will continue in eight more of the country’s universities, this time targeting Yarmouk University, Al Al-Bayt, Hashemite University, Al-Ahliyah Amman University, Mutah University, Tafilah University, and Al-Hussein bin Talal University. First place winners will receive an all-inclusive trip to Taba, Egypt; second place winners will travel to Aqaba; while the team that places third will enjoy a trip to the Dead Sea. More prizes include Huawei telephones, dongles, Shababi lines and telephone charge cards, in addition to numerous other in-kind rewards. For those not participating in the football tournament, the event will also include marksmanship competitions, mazes and more. - End-