Umniah collaborates with Trend Micro to Introduce U-CyberScout Services to Jordanian Market


(Amman, Jordan, March 16th, 2021)- Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain and leader in Managed Security Services (MSS), has signed a partnership agreement with Trend Micro Incorporated (TYO: 4704; TSE: 4704), a global leader in cybersecurity, to provide enterprises in Jordan with U-CyberScout Services through its Security Operations Center (SOC).


The agreement was signed by Ziad Shatara, CEO, Umniah, and Ashraf Serag, Country Manager, North Africa, and Levant at Trend Micro, during a virtual signing ceremony that took place on Tuesday, March 16th and attended by senior representatives from both organizations.


Based on this agreement, Umniah will be assessing the security threats that face organizations in both public and private sectors by leveraging Trend Micro's comprehensive solutions to reduce these threats through adopting a comprehensive approach that connects security threats in the whole IT ecosystem benefitting from Endpoint Protection, Email Protection, Server and Workload Protection, Cloud-Based Applications Protection. This is in addition to early detection and response to security threats being inside the network of the organization, either it's related to Endpoint (EDR) or Network (NDR) or across the information technology ecosystems (XDR), which are considered the latest technology and effective solutions in the cybersecurity landscape.


"Our partnership with one of the most reputable companies in cybersecurity on the global scale will definitely support our SOC to offer innovative security solutions from Trend Micro. This will provide the needed capabilities for early protection against security threats and attacks that are evoloving rapidly in recent years, particularly the last year due to the unprecedented situation resulting from the outbreak of COVID-19, which in turn reshaped the traditional work style depending mainly on digital and teleworking solutions ", Ziad Shatara, Umniah's CEO declared following the signing ceremony.


"We are fully certain that this collaboration will enrich our experiences and innovative services to offer our business customers with advanced protection by leveraging Trend Micro solutions that connect and protect enterprises’ IT infrastrcture , starting from endpoints and emails, to network devices, main servers and cloud-based applications, enabling us to detect and respond to these threats more effectively and faster" Shatara added.


"Cybersecurity threats are getting more complicated and advanced every day. Therefore traditional security measures are no longer enough to stop them efficiently. With this partnership, we look forward to supporting Umniah's SOC through our cutting-edge solutions to protect information technology ecosystems and respond to email threats more effectively. This will lead to reducing risks faced by companies that try to maintain the security of their data," said Ashraf Serag, Country Manager, North Africa, and Levant at Trend Micro.


"Trend Micro, with its vast experience that spans over 30 years, is excited to combine its efforts with Umniah, one of the most pioneering cybersecurity solutions providers in Jordan", Serag emphasized.


It is worth mentioning that U-Cyberscout services, powered by Trend Micro solutions, launched by Umniah in last January, which comprise a set of services that provide protection against malwares, viruses, ransomware, and phishing, and other cyberthreats. Moreover, Trend Micro offers a unique features in terms of safeguarding emails such as protecting internal emails, as well as the patent of analyzing the email writing style of a person to detect whether the business email is compromised or someone is impersonating a high end person within an enterprise. Besides, Trend Micro solutions are associated with Machine Learning capabilities to analyze both users and machines behavior .


Furthermore, U-CyberScout empowers enterprises with advanced solutions for early and easy detecting security-threats and responding to them faster through Network Detection and Response (NDR) and Extended Detection and Response (XDR) solutions, which provides powerful security analytics correlate data across an IT environment, detect an attack source in fewer steps, and respond faster to them.