Umniah announces the names of the eight teams that are qualified for the “Umniah 5x5 Amateur Football Championship” final round

Umniah Launches Electronic Threat Risk Assessment Cybersecurity Service for Web and Mobile Applications April xx, 2019 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, and a pioneering company in the field of cybersecurity and the provision of managed security services (MSS), recently launched a promotion campaign for its penetration and assessment test aimed at the business sector, including education, healthcare, and financial services. This service, implemented by information security engineers at Umniah’s Security Operation Center (SOC), will help organizations evaluate potential risks and electronic threats on mobile and web applications, in addition to other services that assess information systems in organizations, including server, network email, and administrative systems. Umniah’s latest innovative service brings together scanning and testing to identify potential security gaps in information systems and applications, providing an opportunity for risk evaluation and their negative effect on companies. It also helps reduce the potential for the exploitation of security weaknesses in companies by hackers, in addition to offering technical advice to help companies increase levels of data protection. The service provides detailed results that include exposing security gaps that need to be fixed via a simulation process of the electronic attack that allows hackers to gain access and tamper with the application contents, damage an institution's reputation, steal information, or even inflict material losses. Speaking at the launch, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said, "Electronic attacks are now the main risks threatening the business sector and the investment environment in general, which requires all companies take protective measures to confront any threats to their information systems, including data leakages." He noted the various measures institutions must take into consideration to protect their technologies, including the assessment of risks that they may be exposed to and making information security a top priority, as well as continued review of security practices and the management of network entry points and application systems, preemptive security, or preemptive protection such as firewalls, information security management, and the evaluation of weaknesses and penetration testing. Shatara went on to add that Umniah is a pioneer in the Jordanian market in providing protection for information systems that reduce exposure to electronic attacks. He explained that testing the assessment of electronic threats risks on web and mobile applications is a protection method provided by the company through testing the website and mobile application, administrative applications and business systems, assessing the intranet and Wi-Fi systems, assessing email and DNS bands, in addition to social engineering. - End-