Umniah Announces the Health and Safety Award Winners for its Contractors in 2020-2021


March 1, 2022 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah honored its contractors that won the Umniah Health and Safety Program Award for the years 2020-2021, after meeting all health and safety conditions and requirements in their field operations. The requirements include mandatory personal protective equipment, site safety measures and safety practices in their day-to-day operations.


The awards ceremony, which was organized by Umniah and attended by the general managers of first-place winner Fifth Generation Engineering Services Company (5G), second-place winner Research Company for Software Development and third-place winner UTC Networks Service Specialists, included prizes that were distributed to the top three companies.


At the event, Frouqa stressed the importance of the program as a way of advancing health and safety measures, which is directly in line with Umniah’s commitment to its mission of protecting the health and safety of all its employees, visitors, customers and contractors.


During his speech, Idbies spoke about the strong partnership between Umniah and its contractors, adding that together they have been able to overcome challenges and ultimately put in place procedures and systems that comply with health and safety regulations. He went on to thank the companies for all their technical work in line with their commitment to health and safety requirements.


Also at the ceremony, Khader outlined key facts and figures gathered since the establishment of the program, noting that compliance with health and safety requirements by the contracted companies has risen to more than 90%, which has been set by Umniah, adding that Umniah invests in the training of employees on health and safety annually to ensure that they remain up to date with the latest requirements of the field. Khader also announced the launch of an electronic health and safety portal that will serve as a communication platform between Umniah and its contractors.


The general managers of the top three winners spoke of their delight at partnering with Umniah, stressing the importance of a commitment to adhering to occupational safety and health standards, which have become essential for the engineers and technicians of their companies and contribute to the creation of a safe and comfortable work environments for employees and a significant decrease in site injuries.


In 2018, Umniah launched a Health and Safety Program Award for its approved contractors in recognition of their outstanding commitment to health and safety requirements in their fields of operations. In 2017, Umniah was recognized with the ISO 45001 certificate, as well as the International Safety Award in 2020 for the telecommunications sector.