Umniah and the Jordanian Engineers Association Cooperate on Cybersecurity Training for New Engineering Graduates

JEA Partnership

November xx, 2020 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah, a subsidiary of Batelco Bahrain, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Jordan Engineers Association (JEA) that will see the two entities join forces to train new engineering graduates on the latest in cybersecurity. The training, which is a testament to the telecom’s leading market position in the field of cybersecurity, will take place at the Umniah Cybersecurity Academy, and will develop and strengthen the skills of participants in order to help them advance in their careers.


The agreement, which was signed by Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara and JEA President Ahmad Samarah Al Zoubi, specifies that the Umniah Cybersecurity Academy will hold awareness sessions and training seminars in order to fill the gap that is currently facing the job market when it comes to cybersecurity specialists and will focus on workforce-specific needs.


The Cybersecurity Academy, which operates under the umbrella of the telecom’s Umniah Al-Khair initiative, was established in December 2018, and is the first of its kind in the Kingdom. The academy regularly hosts specialized training courses and seminars on cybersecurity, working with university students, recent graduates and members of professional unions in order to strengthen and advance their skills. Recently, Umniah Cybersecurity Academy hosted a cybersecurity seminar for a group of recently graduated engineers that included a variety of topics on the subject, as well as an introduction to information security.


At the signing, Umniah Executive Director of Quality Assurance, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Amjad Frouqa said, “This agreement with the JEA is directly in line with Umniah’s consistent work to advance and enrich the skills of the nation’s workforce, empowering them and giving them the tools necessary to keep pace with the constant developments in the world of technology. Through our work, we increase awareness in the field of cyberthreats, which has witnessed steady growth over the past few years, as well as provide them with an edge when they enter the job market.” Frouqa went on to add, “The Umniah Cybersecurity Academy will continue to cooperate with its partners in order to focus on the youth and professional segments and sharpen their skill sets”.


Also at the signing, Al Zoubi spoke of his pleasure at the one-year partnership between JEA and Umniah, which will see the Umniah Cybersecurity Academy enriching the qualifications of new graduates. According to Al Zoubi, the JEA works tirelessly to advance the field of engineering and engineers in Jordan through regular training and internship opportunities, helping remain up to date with all the latest advancements in the field.