Umniah and RHAS Discuss the Healthy Schools Program Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic


October 21, 2020 – Amman, Jordan: In line with its strategy to provide continuous support to both the education and health sectors, Umniah recently hosted a virtual discussion session entitled “Contributions of the Healthy Schools Program to Children” in cooperation with the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS).


Pediatrician and pediatric critical care consultant Dr. Firas Rabi discussed the importance of creating a healthy routine for children in view of distance learning during the session, which was moderated by Umniah CSR & Innovation Manager Nicole Shahin. Also at the session, RHAS Program Coordinator Suhair Barakat examined the Healthy Schools Program’s role in improving the health of children, particularly during the coronavirus pandemic.


Shahin highlighted Umniah’s leading role in corporate social responsibility, which since the company’s launch has been strategically carried out in order to effectively serve the communities in which it operates. Shahin also spoke about the strategic partnership between Umniah and RHAS in implementing the Healthy Schools program, which has seen the telecom giant pledge to support five government schools in Zarqa and Irbid over a period of five years, working together to create a safe and healthy learning environment. This, in turn, will produce a dynamic, highly educated and strong generation of leaders who will work to develop and better their society.


Dr. Rabi stressed the importance of creating a healthy routine for children, one that may need to be revised in view of the coronavirus pandemic to avoid issues including difficulty sleeping, anxiety and tension. The doctor also outlined a number of factors that may affect the psychological health of children, as well as the role parents play in reinforcing their children’s wellbeing during quarantine. Dr. Rabi offered useful advice for managing the daily routine of their children, such as maintaining a regular sleep schedule, study time, social interaction, in addition to serving healthy and nutritious meals.


During the session, Barakat detailed RHAS’s Healthy Schools program and its role in helping children thrive, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic. She added that the National Accreditation Program for Healthy Schools, launched by RHAS in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health in 2008, works to cultivate and strengthen a healthy and safe environment in Jordan’s schools, efforts that will have positive repercussions on the physical, social, and educational development of the country’s children. According to Barakat, at the outbreak of the pandemic earlier this year, RHAS mobilized an updated strategy to continue to offer its programs to teachers and parents dealing with distance learning. Barakat noted that RHAS is the accrediting authority for schools that implement its guidelines, in cooperation with a central committee, championing leadership and management, a safe, healthy, and clean school environment, health education, participation of staff and the local community, health services for students and teachers, educational and psychological extension services, nutrition, physical activity, in addition to school swimming pools.


In her remarks, Barakat recognized the strong relationship between RHAS and Umniah, adding that it has been a benefit to both institutions and has reflected positively on the standards of health and education of Jordan’s children.


At the close of the session, Shahin thanked the participants for their outstanding contributions, adding that Umniah will continue to carry out its corporate social responsibility pledge, under the umbrella of Umniah Al-Khair, to work towards sustainable development by championing education, health, athletics and the environment.