Umniah Activates First International Communication through VR Technology between Jordan and Finland

May 9, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: In a first-of-its-kind initiative globally, Umniah was a proud supporter of the first announced international communication through virtual reality (VR) technology between Jordan and Finland. This groundbreaking event is further proof of the company’s entrepreneurship role in the local market and its ability to penetrate future worlds of technology. The virtual communication took place under the patronage of former Minister of Communication and Information Technology Engineer Bassem Al Rousan, and was organized by Watan Human Rights Association and TMT, a Jordanian company that develops technology programs in Europe. The call took place between the Amman Chamber of Industry, Umniah's business incubator “The Tank”, and the premises of the developer of the VR technology in the Republic of Finland, Fake. The event, which was attended by management team members from Umniah, Jordanian and Finnish businessmen, representatives from the Finnish Embassy in Amman, also saw the participation of Jordanian entrepreneurs. Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara expressed his pride at Umniah's trailblazing role in managing the first communication in the world between two countries through VR technology applications. He affirmed that the communication, which was supported by Umniah through its advanced Internet network, is an affirmation of the company’s capabilities in the communications technology and its entrepreneurship in providing creative and enterprising solutions that contribute to advancing the digital transformation process in the Kingdom. Shatara said, "Umniah continues to demonstrate its effectiveness and capability in pursuing and complementing the rapid technological developments on an international level, reflecting its immense capabilities and qualifications, both technical and on a human resources level, which places it at the forefront of local and regional communications companies." Shatara also spoke of the significant role that VR technology is expected to play in developing numerous sectors in the near future, such as education, medicine and media. He expressed his hope that this momentous event will be the beginning of many practical applications for the technology, which will provide new horizons and opportunities for companies and institutions in the educational, medical, engineering and media sectors, placing Jordan on the international map in this field. The Tank, Umniah's business incubator, is a keen supporter and sponsor of Jordanian entrepreneurs and startups, helping them launch and implement their projects. To date, The Tank has benefited over 5500 entrepreneurs, either directly or indirectly Additionally, The Tank has held numerous training and awareness workshops for its members, and has hosted specialized conferences and seminars to help them develop their personal and creative skills. Watan is a pioneering organization that works in the sphere of human rights, continuously striving to contribute to the provision of solutions to the most pressing national problems, foremost of which is unemployment. The organization also plays a major role in awareness action in all areas related to human rights.