Umniah: 30,000 UQuiz Application Users, More than 3,000 Players and Tens of Weekly Winners

September 5, 2018 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah has announced that UQuiz has seen the number of users more than double to reach 30,000 since its launch, with more than 3,000 weekly players and dozens of winners. UQuiz, which is considered a first-of-its-kind entertainment competition in the Kingdom, is open to all who have a Jordanian mobile number. UQuiz kicks off a new event every Friday through its application that is available on the Play Store and Apple’s App Store. After downloading, the players can join every Friday at 6PM and answer a set of 12 questions, automatically becoming eligible to win valuable prizes that include cash and Umnicoins for correct responses. Speaking about the ongoing success of the application, Umniah CEO Ziad Shatara said, "The high demand witnessed by the UQuiz application confirms the fact that we are the only interactive communications company in the Kingdom that monitors, understands and delivers the needs of its customers. We offer an entertainment space for a large segment of users, allowing them to take a break from their daily activities and communicate with friends and family in the spirit of friendly competition. The UQuiz application offers an exciting entertainment opportunity that is fun to use and offers the opportunity for rewards at the end of the competition." Shatara went on to add, "UQuiz is overseen by a technical team of Umniah experts, and is a unique offering in the Kingdom that reinforces our march to embrace the modern digital revolution and all its opportunities." He noted that the competition, which can be shared on social media, is available to all of Umniah’s Jordanian customers. Umniah offers high added value to its customers, and kicked off the current year with a large number of innovative offerings and specialized entertainment products such as beIN and Wavo, in a bid to remain true to its image of being a young and entertaining brand that understands and delivers what its customers want. - End-