The Tank by Umniah and IBTECAR Bring ‘The Impact Week’ for the First Time to Jordan and MENA Region

The Tank by Umniah and IBTECAR Bring ‘The Impact Week’ for the First Time to Jordan and MENA Region Amman, Jordan, 23 October 2019: In line with its active role in supporting the youth and helping them to develop their spirit of innovation and creativity; Umniah’s entrepreneurship and business incubator, The Tank, in collaboration with IBTECAR, has supported the launch of The Impact Week program, held for the first time in Jordan and the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region by the German-Jordanian University for students of Jordanian universities and schools, in cooperation with a number of local and international institutions. The Impact Week is a non-profit program that encourages innovation and entrepreneurship in emerging economies as the foundations for sustainable growth. By helping to create creative and innovative ways of design thinking, the program enables students to develop solutions to the challenges facing their communities, and start their own businesses. The activities of the week were divided into two main sections. The first section focused on training the trainer and included workshops in the field of design thinking and its role in creating impact and was provided by local and German experts. The second section was targeted towards students and addressed work methods on local problems by developing solutions of impact and building prototypes which were then presented to a jury that announced the names of the winning students. To make The Impact Week a success, German experts provided a summary of their experiences and expertise in innovation and design thinking for companies during the Train the Trainer workshops. The program provided hands-on training in design thinking and presented local challenges to students to develop solutions for them. It also reached out to more than 100 students from various universities, 20 international experts and 10 organizations to participate in this week. Umniah’s Marketing Director Zaid Ibrahim stressed the importance of holding this program, pointing out that Umniah has put all its capabilities and expertise for the success of this week’s events which provided unique opportunities for students to learn innovation, build models for their projects and develop them on the ground. Ibrahim explained that The Tank, Umniah’s entrepreneurship and business incubator, was strongly present throughout the activities and programs of this week, where experts from the incubator helped to deliver training courses on how to solve local problems and provide special expertise and ideas during the analysis stage of these challenges. The founder of IBTECAR Jamil AlKhatib expressed his pride in organizing the participation in The Impact Week program that stimulates and encourages innovation and creativity among university and school students, noting that the objectives of this program support the efforts of the Jordanian government to achieve sustainable and comprehensive development in the country through the establishment of startups and innovative projects that reduce unemployment, create jobs and support national income. At the end of the competition, participants received certificates from the German-Jordanian University and The Impact Week team. -End-