The Mayor of Zarqa officially inaugurates Umniah’s ‘Customer Services Call Center’

The Mayor of Zarqa officially inaugurates Umniah’s ‘Customer Services Call Center’ Amman, 13 May 2019 Mayor of Zarqa, Eng. Emad Al Momani, officially inaugurated Umniah’s Customer Services Call Center in the Zarqa Governorate, with the attendance of senior Umniah officials. Al Momani toured the Center and listened to a detailed explanation from officials about the efforts being made to provide the best services to Umniah’s customers across the Governorate. Al Momani praised the efforts exerted by Umniah to open its Center in Zarqa Governorate and provide value-added services for its customers in the Governorate, as well as for providing job opportunities for Zarqa's citizens. Al Momani emphasized that since the entry of Umniah into the Jordanian market, the Jordanian citizen has witnessed a remarkable improvement in the quality and pricing of telecommunications services and products, in addition to the Company’s contribution to keeping Jordanian society up-to-date with the latest developments in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT). The Umniah Call Center in Zarqa provides continuous customer support covering integrated telecommunications services including mobile and Internet services, a wide range of latest handsets, tablets and accessories, as well as delivering the premium quality services that Umniah brings to the market. The Centre also includes a training hall where specialized ICT workshops will be held for students in and around Zarqa. Emanating from its Corporate Social Responsibility, Umniah has assigned the work of the Center to the citizens of Zarqa, providing them with new employment opportunities in the Governorate. Umniah CEO, Ziad Shatara expressed his delight at the opening of the Customer Services Call Center in Zarqa, which is considered to be the third largest Governorate in Jordan, stating: "We are opening the Call Center to meet the needs of our retail and corporate customers and provide them with the latest services, communications technologies and efficient business solutions, to further enrich their experiences and develop their business." Shatara stressed that Umniah was keen on assigning all the jobs available in the Center to the people of Zarqa Governorate in support of economic and social development efforts, pointing out that the Center will include a training room for students and all citizens alike of the Zarqa Governorate who are interested in the latest technologies in the field of ICT, and which further qualifies them to enter the labor market. -END-