The 8Log Partners with Noon Library to Enrich Arabic Content on the Internet


March 21, 2021 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah’s The 8Log blog has partnered with the Noon digital library app, a move that is in line with its efforts to expand the availability of Arabic content on the Internet and to encourage members of its community to read. Noon, of the largest apps of its kind in the Arab world, provides readers with high-quality content for all ages through thousands of Arabic e-books in numerous genres and specialties.


UThrough the cooperation agreement, The 8Log, and Noon library will exchange content regularly, enriching the Arts and Culture section on the blog with reviews of books that can be read in full on the app, as well as publishing stories from the “Youth of Determination” book. From its side, Noon will share blog posts on its app on topics including technology, health, cybersecurity, success stories of Jordanian startups, professional advice and many more. Additionally, Umniah’s business incubator The Tank will collaborate with Noon to host seminars showcasing people featured in the “Youth of Determination” book, who will share their experiences with entrepreneurs.


Umniah Marketing Director, Zaid Ibrahim stressed the importance of this agreement, which brings together Umniah’s blog “The 8Log” and Noon’s digital library app, two entities that share a passion for enriching the Arabic language content available on the Internet and offer Arab youth access to diverse resources and reliable information.


Ibrahim also spoke of Umniah’s eagerness to harness all its capabilities as a means to empower Jordan’s youth and support their individual and unique initiatives as a way of positively impacting the communities within which it operates. He went on to commend Noon’s management team for their efforts to promote reading, offering access to research materials while simultaneously saving people time and money when acquiring books.


At the signing, Noon Director of Public Relations and Marketing Farah Baddawi said, “We are thrilled to partner with Umniah’s blog The 8Log, a move that is especially significant as we both share the similar goal of disseminating Arabic culture and science for readers in the most convenient way possible.” Baddawi went on to add, “The Noon app works to support Arab and Jordanian authors by publishing their books for free, while simultaneously providing new and reliable sources for school and university students through its libraries, which include audiobooks." According to Baddawi, 70% of all content on the Noon app is available for free, which is added incentive for Arabic readers.


In February 2019, in celebration of UN Arabic Language Day, Umniah launched The 8Log, a blog that is the first of its kind in the Jordanian telecommunications sector that aims to enrich the availability of original Arabic content on the Internet. With its rich and diverse content, The 8Log provides reliable sources of information and knowledge, as well as specialized material on a variety of subjects including cybersecurity, health, sports, art, culture, and entertainment, and sheds light on innovative Jordanian initiatives as well as success stories that stand out in the world of entrepreneurship.


Noon Library was established in 2019 by an innovative Jordanian youth passionate about improving Arabic content in all its forms and who believes that the educational system is not limited to schooling, but rather must include teaching students how to research, learn and add to their knowledge outside the curriculum. The app includes the Children's Library, the Young People’s Library, the Curriculum Library, the General Culture Library, and the University Library, each with including several branches in a variety of streams, including scientific, literary, cultural, developmental, religious, social, educational, to name a few. This offers readers an unlimited selection in Arabic that is easy to download, use and share with others. Soon, the app will launch an official website with exciting new features.