Telecom Companies Enable Free Browsing of MoE’s Distance Learning Platform

Amman, Jordan, 15 March 2020: The three telecommunications companies operating in Jordan - Umniah, Zain and Orange - have announced that they will enable free browsing through their networks of the Ministry of Education’s e-learning platform, Darsak. The announcement came after a meeting held at the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, with the presence of Engineer Mothanna Gharaibeh, Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship, Dr. Tayseer Al Noaimi, Minister of Education, Dr. Ghazi Jbour, Chief Commissioner at Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), and the CEOs of the three companies. Starting from its launch on Sunday 22 March, students and their parents, and all those concerned, will be able to browse the distance learning platform, between 6AM and 4PM, for free and without consuming the credit balances or internet packages on their mobile phones or home subscriptions, until the educational system in Jordan returns to normal and students go back to school. This initiative by the three telecommunications companies is in line with their social responsibility strategies and the efforts made at all levels to deal with the developing coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, especially as the World Health Organization (WHO) said that it has now become a pandemic. The three companies recognize the importance of standing together in these difficult times to face the virus and limit its spread in all possible ways, and support the fact that everyone has a responsibility, each according to their own abilities, in adhering to the set of measures announced by the Jordanian government to limit the spread of the virus in the country. -End-