Online Sessions Hosts by Umniah Entrepreneurship Incubator The Tank

The Tank Hosts Online Sessions to highlight the Challenges and Opportunities for the Business Entrepreneurship Community during and after the Coronavirus Pandemic April 22, 2020 – Amman, Jordan: As part of its support of the business environment and entrepreneurship ecosystem in the Kingdom, and in order to devise solutions to the challenges facing the business community due to the coronavirus pandemic, The Tank, Umniah’s business incubator, has organized bi-weekly online webinars to assist startups in understanding market developments and to explore potential trends and opportunities during the crisis. The bi-weekly sessions, which are posted on The Tank’s Facebook page, highlight the participation of Jordanian and foreign experts discussing the effects of coronavirus on markets, economies, startups, and small and medium enterprises. The sessions also offer practical solutions for the best ways to fortify the business environment to withstand and overcome the current conditions, helping business owners build their capabilities and enabling them to understand the market during these exceptional circumstances while simultaneously benefiting from any available opportunities. During the live sessions, current issues are debated, with a focus on highlighting the capabilities of The Tank startups during the current conditions and how they serve their clientele in innovative ways, as well as the general entrepreneurship environment during the pandemic. This includes debates around opportunities and challenges, the role of coronavirus in reinforcing distance learning, the creation of opportunities for upcoming projects, how companies can ensure the continuity of their business, future growth, and how the Defense Law affects startups. Future sessions will center on women entrepreneurs, financing startups, and technological innovation during and after the pandemic. Umniah’s Marketing Director, Zaid Ibrahim highlighted the preventative measures that The Tank takes to provide solutions, regardless of current circumstances and challenges faced by the incubator, startups, and entrepreneurs. Ibrahim went on to explain the significance of The Tank’s sessions in the face of an unprecedented global situation. Ibrahim noted The Tank’s innovative role in supporting and upgrading the business entrepreneurship sector in the Kingdom by providing integrated and unprecedented practical and virtual incubation services to startups. He also noted that many of the innovative ideas and projects supported by the incubator have become among the most prominent, successful, and outstanding companies in the Middle East. Ibrahim invited all those in the youth, education, health, cultural, educational, entrepreneurial, and technological sectors to join The Tank’s live seminars, adding that the discussions offer mutual benefits to all participants. -End-