Mahfazati is now UWallet

August 18, 2020 – Amman, Jordan: Umniah and its strategic partners have announced the launch of UWallet, a newer and more advanced version of its Mahfazati app. Umniah subscribers can now download the new app to take advantage of an integrated system that includes all the latest services designed to manage all their financial transactions through their mobile phones effectively, safely and quickly.

Speaking at the launch, Umniah CEO and Chairman of UWallet Ziad Shatara said he is proud of the new UWallet app, which has been improved with the needs of the user in mind, and with an investment of JD2 million by the company, it now features new financial solutions that are in line with Umniah’s strategy to offer its users services that are innovative, convenient and easy to use.

UWallet has witnessed a palpable increase in users since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic according to Shatara, with numbers projected to continue rising due to the amount of people who have no access to traditional banking services. With UWallet, Shatara stressed, individual and companies users can make immediate payments, transfer funds, and make purchases easily and safely.

UWallet General Manager Dr. Ala’a Nsheiwat said, “The latest updates to the app were developed in response to the needs and feedback of our users. The app is now easier to navigate on their mobile phones, and the highest safety standards were implemented in order to allow them to conduct financial transactions, whether deposits, transfers or payments, thus reducing the need to deal with cash. We have also reached out to current Mahfazati users through SMSs, telephone calls, and social media to help them transition seamlessly to the UWallet app.”

One significant advantage of UWallet, which can be downloaded through Google Play or the App Store, is that it can be accessed through facial recognition or thumbprint identification. The app also allows for the seamless transfer of funds, and has useful options that allow users to save their most accessed payment receivers. Umniah Smart lines, as well as all the company’s prepaid lines, can be charged via UWallet, and bills can be paid and stored through the eFawateerCom service. Additionally, the app allows its users to card-lessly withdraw cash from ATMs and from the authorized agents, depositing the funds directly from the user’s bank account into their UWallet.”

Umniah is the leading provider of mobile financial wallets, and is also recognized as the first Jordanian telecommunications company to launch Mahfazati in 2017, along with a strategic group of partners that included prominent Jordanian institutions and banks. Mahfazati was launched as a secure mobile wallet service, regulated and supervised by the Central Bank of Jordan, offering a variety of financial services accessible through a mobile phone, regardless of the user’s service provider.

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