LigaData selected by Umniah to accelerate data-driven digital transformation


Amman Oct 14 2021 Umniah Mobile Company has appointed data analytics specialists LigaData to deploy their analytics products and services in a new multi-year contract.


Umniah, a subsidiary of Bahrain-based Batelco, is one of the fastest growing and most reliable mobile telecom operators in the middle east.


The strategic partnership between Umniah and LigaData reinforces Umniah's leadership role in providing pioneering network and digital solutions for its customers and enhancing day-to-day experiences for its subscribers.


Ziad Shatara, Umniah Chief Executive Officer, stated: “Umniah continues to lead the way in providing the best network coverage, quality of service and cutting-edge digital services to our customers. Data and analytics play a paramount role in enabling us to accomplish this. The appointment of LigaData strengthens our commitment to supporting data-driven digital innovation, optimizing our network resources and enhancing our customer’s experience even further’.


About Umniah

Since its launch in 2005, Umniah continues to gain prominence as one of the region’s fastest growing and most reliable telecommunications providers. Offering a diverse array of high-quality mobile, internet and enterprise solutions, Umniah has cultivated a loyal customer base of around 3 million customers in one of the region’s most competitive markets.


A subsidiary of Bahrain’s Batelco Group, Umniah quickly earned a reputation for firsts shortly after its inception. The operator was a pioneer in introducing cutting-edge communication technologies that effectively democratized broadband connectivity for both personal and enterprise use. Today, the operator is hailed a leader in embracing the modern digital revolution with an emphasis on core technologies like security, cloud computing, mobile payment, and others.


About LigaData

LigaData of Silicon Valley specializes in managed data services and products for mobile operators to facilitate digital transformation, achieve data-driven outcomes, and optimize operator resources. LigaData’s services and software products are used by mobile operators around the world to extract greater value from their existing infrastructure, whether through improved analytics, decisioning or AI.